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I See you, fearless Soul!

You are tired of feeling powerless. You know you are capable of SO much more but fear has held you back from stepping into your greatness. You are tired of feeling like you haven't reached your "potential." Even that word even makes you squirm! Potential, potential??? I'll show YOU!

You have been feeling disconnected from your true Self, hiding in the shadow of old beliefs, patterns and relationships that have kept you small. And the worst part is you don't know how to get past this.

You've simply forgotten who you really are. You are a powerful co-creator! The discontentment you are feeling is your true voice whispering to you... it's time for a change.  

You have extraordinary gifts within you... all you need is the practice of trusting your inner guidance and taking action towards the things you really want. Then watch how powerfully your life unfolds!

When we continually take action in spite of feeling fear, we send a powerful message to the universe that we are ready for change. Showing up in a new way invites the universe to co-create with us. We get better at recognizing what our fear is trying to tell us. Where have we been hurt before? What past experience has caused us to close our heart? What limiting belief system have we adopted that isn’t serving us anymore? This is a journey of self-discovery and self-compassion. We simply get better and quicker at feeling the fear & doing it anyway!

Everything that we truly desire lies behind our fears. When we step into what scares us, we unblock our self-sabotaging beliefs, undiscovered shame, pain, and other dark emotions. By shining a light to our dark, we help bring those powerful emotions to the surface and begin to heal. I help give you the mindset tools to work through your "blocks" to become free. 

Truth about our fear!

We meet weekly by Zoom and discuss what your fears are. Do you have fears around body image? Romantic relationships? Fear of getting older? Being single? Being seen? Body shame? Showing up as your true authentic self? Do you want to move across country? Leave a job? Work on your own terms? Are you a people pleaser and afraid to take time for yourself? Are you looking for more fun and adventure in your life? 

After each “act”, we talk about what came up for you and make changes to the list based on how you feel. Your fearless journey is about loving the process of life, not just the results. As the weeks progress, you begin to take inspired action on your own as the adrenaline rush of stepping into your fears ignites a new sense of freedom in yourself, which is one the many gifts you receive by taking this journey.

As your fearless coach, I help guide you through a custom-made “fearless acts” journey towards freedom, joy & self-worth. You will begin to tackle your fears by taking ACTION ("acts") steps towards the areas in your life where fear has held you back. You not only step into fear, but also invite more joy, excitement and fun into your life! my motto: embrace your weirdness!

What to expect!

"My fearless journey was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Charlene is an endless beacon of support, joy, and inspiration that I could always feel with me as I embraced conquering my fears. Her intuition and attention to detail in curating my list of fearless acts was spot on and evolved effortlessly as I did.  learned with each fearless act I conquered, I felt ever more magnetic. I don’t ever want to look back, ​the new me feels too good!"

Korena Koba

"Charlene is a joy to work with and her energy is just so contagious. One week, I was having a bad day and by the time our video chat was over, I forgot why I was even having a bad day. Just after the first session, she gave me a few fearless acts to try and she gave me mantras that were completely what I needed to hear, all so spot on. 

Virginia Novella

"I loved working with Charlene! To have structure and someone with such light be your fearless accountability coach is really amazing. One of her most wonderful characteristics is how she listens to you and the way she comes up with the most amazing ideas for you to do! She has walked this path and shares her vulnerabilities and you feel safe to share yours."

Becca Rich

Fearless Praise:

Each fearless act helped me break a mental block that had subconscious hold over my ability to move forward. Emotions I had felt disconnected from for so long such as joy, excitement and confidence returned to my reality. The stagnancy of life got shaken off in the most fun way. I am now developing an even deeper connection with myself and most importantly I BELIEVE in myself strongly again." 

Paramjeet Dhillon

 Melissa Holtz

Many coaches think that by studying in a coaching program or being certified, they will be able to create results and change for clients, but I think what is more important is how Charlene has actually developed the muscle and practice of trying new or challenging experiences and venturing into the unknown. Making decisions and planning from a place of joy and fun, is what makes Charlene’s process so unique. She is cheerleading and rooting for you and telling you inspiration from the other (victorious) side of your fear. She is showing you that you can reach this state of aliveness and belief in the possibilities of life if you get past your fear."

More Fearless Praise:

+ You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and turn up the vibrancy dial in your life.
+ You are open and willing to take consistent action towards the things that scare you.
+ You are open to self-discovery.
+ You are willing to put in the time.
+ You are willing to explore your surroundings with curiosity and wonder.
+ You are looking for more fun, excitement and JOY.
+ You are ready for a CHANGE.
+ You value self-actualization and growth.

This journey is for you, if:

​+ You are looking for a quick fix out of fear or uncomfortable situations.
+ You have a hard time with follow through.
+ You aren’t interested in spirituality or becoming self-aware.
+ You are emotionally unstable.
+ You have suicidal thoughts.
+ You don’t have the time to commit.
+ You give up easily when things get hard or uncomfortable.
+ You run from uncomfortable emotions.

This journey isn't for you, if:

Time is the key ingredient to your fearless journey. The more time you spend training your new fearless-muscles, the more you will be inspired to tackle! The journey becomes easier as you go and you learn more and more about yourself, what you truly are afraid of and why. Many times, what we think we fear might just be scratching the surface. Until we take consistent action, we discover patterns of thinking, patterns of showing up in the world that no longer serve us. We can work through these unwanted themes, in order to create new habits of change. As the weeks go by, we will explore themes of self-discovery, self-compassion and self-healing. Often behind what we fear are past wounds and traumas ready to be processed and finally healed. 

We take the time to really develop your fear(less) muscles and create lasting change. This 3-month time frame gives you the freedom to really explore all your desires and needs in a supportive and timely manner. You will feel more in the flow of your life and ready to tackle way more than you imagined! This also includes access to all of my live yoga classes for a full mind-body experience! 

here's what's included:

+4 x :60 MIN COACHING SESSIONS per month (Or, a mix of two longer sessions per month)
+ 4 YOGA CLASSES PER MONTH (Practice with me live on Zoom or receive the recording)
+ EMAIL & VOXER SUPPORT (Send voice messages + texts in between our sessions. I'm here to support your journey entirely!)

investment: 3 Months 


1:1 Fearless Coaching Package:

Investment: $3160 // 3 months
or Three payments of $1100

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