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I Feel you, fearless Soul!

You know you are capable of so much more but fear & self-doubt has held you back from stepping into your full potential. 

You have been feeling disconnected from your true Self, hiding in the shadow of old beliefs, patterns and relationships that have kept you small. And the worst part is you don't know how to get past this.

You've simply forgotten who you really are. You are a powerful co-creator! The discontentment you are feeling is your true voice whispering to you... it's time for a change.  It's time to embrace your FULL authentic self and live everyday as the beautiful, unique soul you came here to be!

You have extraordinary gifts & wisdom within you... all you need is the practice of trusting your inner guidance and taking action towards the things you really desire.

Are you ready to rediscover just how amazing you truly are?

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Through our private coaching sessions, you’ll quickly have an honest reflection of all the ways you might be hiding your true self from the world. I show you all the beautiful parts of yourself you may have forgotten. 

This 12-week program will give you a new perspective and create fresh momentum to keep experiencing life in an even more fulfilling way. I will show you that you can feel more alive right now instead of waiting for that someday in the future.  

I teach this because I lived it. Before I turned 40, I gave myself 40 “fearless acts” that forced me to stop thinking about what I wanted in my life and to start finding ways to connect to those things right away—not “someday." I saw the momentum and the joy this created, and I’ve seen how the same is possible for you.

I want you to know that you are enough and you will always be enough just as you are! Learn more about how I work and how your life could look if you invest in a serious coaching relationship with me by scheduling a free discovery call.

12-week 1:1 coaching program

What is Fearless Coaching

Everything we truly desire lies behind our fears. When we continually take action in spite of feeling fear, we send a powerful message to the universe that we are ready for change. Showing up in a new way invites the universe to co-create with us.

We get better at recognizing what our fear is trying to tell us. Where have we been hurt before. What past experience has caused us to close our heart. What limiting belief system have we adopted that isn’t serving us anymore. This is a journey of self-discovery and self-compassion. 

We can hide behind our fear of change or hard or we can step directly into that hard and know on the other side, is our greatest potential.

It’s when we push past our edges of what we believe is possible that true transformation occurs.

Truth about our fear!

The fear doesn't go away. But our willingness to step forward anyway gets easier.

about my process

I'm here to assist you in dismantling some of the limiting beliefs + programming that's been running in your subconscious, and give you practical steps to go from feeling uninspired and stuck to feeling alive and free. I give you space to feel seen, heard, and empowered to know that you are not only worthy of your desires but your capacity to love yourself is deeper than you could ever imagine.  

The three stages to my transformative & Fun method:


 Over our 12 weeks together, I customize a list of fun “fearless acts” personalized to your life and experiences. You’ll have these as homework between our sessions. And each week I’ll add new fearless acts to your plan. The adrenaline rush you’ll feel after accomplishing each act gives you new ways to discover and love the full spectrum of what makes you unique.  You’ll see that this energy is contagious and it will attract more authentic connections with the type of people you want to meet. 

fearless action

My coaching gives you the space to connect to all the parts of your life: the parts of your life that you love and the parts of your life you wish were different. You’ll naturally start to see yourself in new ways. This is about discovering what makes you feel truly like yourself and loving that way of showing up in your the real, vulnerable, fully expressed Soul you came to be!


We meet weekly by Zoom and discuss what your fears are. Do you have fears around speaking up or using your voice? Romantic relationships? Fear of getting older? Being single? Being seen? Body shame? Showing up as your true authentic self? Do you want to move across country? Leave a job? Work on your own terms? Are you a people pleaser and afraid to take time for yourself? Are you looking for more fun and adventure in your life? 

After each “act”, we talk about what came up for you and make changes to the list based on how you feel. Your fearless journey is about loving the process of life, not just the results. As the weeks progress, you begin to take inspired action on your own as the adrenaline rush of stepping into your fears ignites a new sense of freedom in yourself, which is one the many gifts you receive by taking this journey.

What to expect!

Fearless Praise:

"When I first contacted Charlene, I had just been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder triggered by postpartum. At the time, I was having severe panic attacks multiple times a day. My doctor gave me meds but something inside of me told me that meds weren't the only way. During my first 1-hour session with Charlene I found a sense of joy in our conversation that I hadn't felt in months. She somehow managed to get me to speak about long forgotten passions and projects that I really enjoyed spending my time on. For that first hour I forgot about my role as a mom, wife, and overwhelmed worker. I told her that she would change my life because during our session, I was more than just my condition. Over the weeks she helped me integrate these small pleasures back into my daily/weekly routines. I felt like I had someone who could see the real me when at times I could not. She has a real talent for knowing when YOU are speaking versus the scared you or "small" you. She helped me to take control of my own life instead of settling for a life that was comfortable but not really me. Charlene helped me to realize that discomfort and fear aren't always the enemy. Through our work together, she showed me how they can actually become our friend and ally if we learn to REALLY LISTEN. When we are on the edge of fear, it is here that we can expand. This work with Charlene has been invaluable.
 14 months after working with Charlene I finally found the courage to leave my high profile job in tech and pursue my curiosity in the health and wellness space."

-Trina C.

Fearless Praise:

"I was at a low point when I began my fearless coaching journey with Charlene. For a year, I’d been struggling to conceive. Then I found myself navigating a miscarriage. I’d hit a wall. Something needed to change. 
The first shift Charlene helped me make was to get off the topic of fertility/infertility. What a relief that was! Step by step, I got back to the root of myself. Slowly, I began to see my loss not as a failure but as a rebirth of myself. This loss opened me up to adventure—and expressing my desires without reserve. Each week, Charlene would help me uncover something deep within my soul, which we would explore during belief clearing sessions. The main themes were: letting go of the need to control outcomes and always get things “right”; trusting my body and inner guidance; and knowing I am supported by the universe and that everything unfolds in its divine timing. By diving into this work, Charlene helped me open the door to several possibilities—the most tangible one being the ability to get pregnant without medication.
During one session, I brought up that I was anxious about returning to the fertility clinic. Charlene asked me to close my eyes, imagine I was running (my activity of choice), endorphins flowing through me, and answer myself on when I should return to the doctor. I immediately brightened up and said “I’m not going back. I’m already pregnant.” And two weeks later, I received a positive pregnancy test. My time with Charlene has been nothing short of transformative. Charlene gives incredible guidance and tools for tapping into your true potential so you may enjoy your life freely and fully.  I am thrilled to continue working with her and am looking forward to the next chapter. "

- Amy L. 

Fearless Praise:

"Working with Charlene has helped me tremendously. I was constantly in fight or flight mode and I was letting my ego drive my decisions. Charlene helped me take a step back and really start to get in touch with my soul. 
She didn’t let me run or take the easy road and go back to what I knew. She made me really get to the bottom of why these issues were appearing in my life and what was driving them. She made me realize that if I didn’t confront them now, they’d just continue to keep reappearing in my life.
My life looks completely different than when I first started working with her. When we started, I was completely miserable working at a corporate job and just starting a relationship that I didn’t think would last more than a couple of months. Since then, I’ve quit that job that was draining me, temporarily moved to Florida and am still in the relationship I thought wouldn’t last.
 I’ve also found my calling as a travel advisor.  
The work I did with Charlene was so much deeper and more beneficial than therapy and I feel like I finally got the chance to work through issues rather than just talk about them. From writing letters to my younger self to doing belief clearings to starting a daily meditation and journaling practice, Charlene helped bring deep-rooted trauma to the forefront which gave me no choice but to actually work through it. Because of the work I did with Charlene, I feel more connected to my soul, I am quicker to recognize old patterns and, most importantly, I am ready to step into my new life and the person I’ve been all along."

- Alli I.

Fearless Praise:

"Oh Charlene, you are such an incredible teacher and guide. This experience has been truly life changing.   The way I've handled a certain upset or conflict is now being dealt with in a much more loving way. I give myself more space. I am clearer that I won't sacrifice certain things (too much of my time, my mental health) for a paycheck. I've gained a deeper consciousness of my own power and the various ways that I've prevented myself from getting what it is that I actually want. I know that the answers are within in a way that feels suddenly obvious. This is priceless.  I have a new set of standards for what will work for me. I've been reflecting on how I've often just gobbled up anything that comes my way, without listening to my own needs. I've done this in relationships and at work. And since we've worked together I really have noticed what a dramatic shift has occurred like I think everything is normal and then have this shot of awareness- OH! I feel WAY different about this now. The daily meditation practice has been extremely helpful. I'm doing something every day, regardless of what or how long. I'm establishing the practice of checking in with myself. The practice (of daily meditation) has strengthened my relationship to my body and how it feels in relation to information. It has given me comfort that I can handle whatever comes my way. You have been an amazing guide in helping me to carve out a deeper understanding that I am a writer and that I should follow this. I got so much out of our time together. It was hard to end the sessions."

-Megan S. 

"Charlene customized a list of fearless acts that were in alignment with my goals and aspirations to step into my purpose and potential. Each act helped me break a mental block that had subconscious hold over my ability to move forward. Emotions I had felt disconnected from for so long such as joy, excitement and confidence returned to my reality. The stagnancy of life got shaken off in the most fun way. I am now developing an even deeper connection with myself and most importantly I BELIEVE in myself strongly again." 

Paramjeet D.

 Melissa H.

 "Charlene is a rare coach who is very uplifting and inspirational, not just with words, but with her real experiences of trying new things and learning. Making decisions and planning from a place of joy and fun, is what makes Charlene’s process so unique. She is cheerleading and rooting for you and telling you inspiration from the other (victorious) side of your fear. She is showing you that you can reach this state of aliveness and belief in the possibilities of life if you get past your fear."

Fearless Praise:

"I loved that Charlene worked with me to give me tangible fearless acts that yielded real results! I started without real goals and ended with a timeline for publishing my book, creating a website and moving forward with my person brand. I've really recognized what my full potential could be and I'm taking steps to move into that potential without fearing failure or cringing at the thought of receiving praise. My confidence and self love have increased exponentially. I would have continued our sessions into perpetuity."

Raina W. 

"My fearless journey was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Charlene is an endless beacon of support, joy, and inspiration that I could always feel with me as I embraced conquering my fears. Her intuition and attention to detail in curating my list of fearless acts was spot on and evolved effortlessly as I did.  I learned with each fearless act I conquered, I felt ever more magnetic. I don’t ever want to look back, ​the new me feels too good!"

Korena K.

Lianne Z.

"Charlene helped me see myself In ways I have never seen myself. She has a literal gift. I did my first soul/belief clearing and it changed my entire being physically and mentally. Within that week, I experienced what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening. It was enough to start a fire of curiosity around a deeper layer of my inner strength I hadn’t experienced. It lead me to tap into my inner peace, my Divine, and God. And what I spent my entire life thus far looking for externally, imagine my genuine surprise to start finding that it’s all here, inside. It’s always been here."

Fearless Praise:

"I loved working with Charlene! To have structure and someone with such light be your fearless accountability coach is really amazing. One of her most wonderful characteristics is how she listens to you and the way she comes up with the most amazing ideas for you to do! She has walked this path and shares her vulnerabilities and you feel safe to share yours. ​I thought I had been fearless throughout my life yet in diving deep with her, I realized that I had reached a place where I was just too comfortable. Thanks to this fearless work have made a huge difference in how I live my life."

Virginia N.

+ You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and turn up the vibrancy dial in your life.
+ You are open and willing to take consistent action towards the things that scare you.
+ You are open to self-discovery.
+ You are willing to put in the time.
+ You are willing to explore your surroundings with curiosity and wonder.
+ You are looking for more fun, excitement and JOY.
+ You are ready for a CHANGE.
+ You value self-actualization and growth.

This journey is for you, if:

​+ You are looking for a quick fix out of fear or uncomfortable situations.
+ You have a hard time with follow through.
+ You aren’t interested in spirituality or becoming self-aware.
+ You are emotionally unstable.
+ You have suicidal thoughts.
+ You don’t have the time to commit.
+ You give up easily when things get hard or uncomfortable.
+ You run from uncomfortable emotions.

This journey isn't for you, if:

Why me?

When I turned forty, I wanted so much more for my life and felt like my fear was holding me back from doing the things I really wanted. Sound familiar? So I spent a year tackling my fears around aging, going after my dreams and finding true love. Instead of dreading another year older, turning forty became the most beautiful & transformative years of my life! For more on my fearless acts, click here.

Stepping into my fears consistently for a year allowed me to break free from old blocks, self-limiting beliefs that held me back. In one year, I doubled my income, let go of unnecessary shame around being single, moved into a beautiful apartment all while having the time of my life!

Pics from some of my Fearless Acts: Spontaneous performance in Paris; Pose Nude for An Art Class; Flash Mob in Times Square; Dance in Burlesque Show; My Date with Doris; Play Chess in Union Square.

I embraced every fun & fearless impulse I had & learned to love all of what makes me unique.
And so will you! 

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