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What would you ask your Soul?

Are you looking for insight, clarity, or understanding around a topic that you just can't see around?

Are you feeling disconnected from your true purpose?

Do you want to feel enlightened and inspired around next steps?

Are you having a hard time processing a recent setback or heartbreak and wish to gain insight on the larger lesson?

Do you want to feel confident that you are on the right path?

If you are nodding "yes", you want to receive a Soul Reading! 

Hi, I'm Charlene...

...and I would love the opportunity to connect to your Soul and help guide you towards greater clarity and understanding!

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What is a Soul Reading?

A Soul Reading is a psychic reading but more in-depth. I am able "see", "feel" and "know" past, present and future possibilities and offer you guidance from your Soul's point of view. It's way to understand yourself better, gain valuable insight to your potential, increase awareness around patterns and unconsciousness beliefs that may be holding you back. It is offering a broader perspective of an internal Truth about yourself and your journey.

It's a way to look at your life through your Soul's perspective, a mountaintop view, rather than knee-deep in the trenches. And in this way, a Soul Reading can provide inspiration, healing and growth.

I begin each session with a short guided meditation to help ground us and then I connect to your Soul, Spirit Team, Higher Self and answer any questions you have. I will have my eyes closed as I empathically "see" images, receive a "knowing" or strong "feeling" around what I am receiving. I will translate the information to you in a way that feels grounded and practical. At times, I see things as metaphors and will ask you for guidance, i.e., does this make sense? does this resonate? The session can take many twists and turns as you are truly leading the way to discover your own clarity, and understanding. 

A Soul Reading is not a typical psychic reading in which I channel only your future. Although future possibilities do show up, you have free will to create any future you wish! A Soul Reading is incredibly valuable in that once you receive guidance, you truly have the power to change, shift your perspective, and make different choices, which changes your future. The purpose is to remind you that nothing is simply "happening" randomly, you are always co-creating your experience. My goal is to empower you to deepen your own inner connection, and live in alignment with your Soul's purpose.

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How I Work

Give yourself some time to think about what you wish to ask. The more specific, the better!
If you are wanting clarity around love and relationships, a good question would be: I'm noticing I keep attracting the same kind of romantic partner, what is behind this pattern? What is the higher lesson for me to receive? Same can be asked if you are Single and wondering how you can attract a romantic partner.
If you are feeling blocked around career or a sudden change in your life, you might ask: I am can't seem to move forward with any certainty, what is the larger lesson for me in this? How can find more ease? Is there something in my way of attracting my dream career?
If you are having a hard time moving forward from a life set-back, you can ask: I'm stuck in wondering why this has happened to me... can you help me understand the higher learning for me? Why would my Soul chose this heartbreak/ teach me what?

You can ask anything you wish! These are just some examples of ways to access the deeper meaning behind your experiences. Remember: Your Soul chooses to learn through experiences and relationships. 

Before A Session:

After A Session:

Your intuitive channels stay open even after our session so it's important to take some quiet time for yourself to journal thoughts, feelings, emotions that may arise. You may find additional clarity and insight many days after our reading so it's for your benefit to continue to be your own channel and release whatever needs to be released. Your ability to receive lies in your ability to stay open. Keep the communication going!

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My whole life I felt connected to something greater than myself.
I grew up with an insatiable curiosity and a big imagination.
I felt a deep knowing that my purpose in life was learn, grow and evolve into my fullest expression. 

But, like most of us, as I grew older, I ignored all of that knowing and began to spiral in the opposite direction:
I listened to everyone else. I spent my teens to my thirties following what others told me I should do to be happy.
I questioned my intuition and that evolved into tremendous self-doubt. And I came to the painful realization...not only wasn't I happy, but I had forgotten who I truly am. I felt completely lost.

It wasn't until my thirties when I experienced the biggest heartbreak of my life, my dreams not coming true...that forced me to wake up to that earlier knowing. And I've spent every day since following my inner voice and staying woke. 

My curiosity led me to a psychic bootcamp course to develop my intuitive gifts. And by the way, we all have them. It has felt like a journey home to a remembering, and re-awakening to that soulful connection I had as a child. And I am honored to be a guide to your Soul & Spirit Team!  

How I Began...

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