One day, as I was sitting in an office cubicle counting the hours until I could leave…I had an epiphany: I can stay at this job while "waiting" for my life to begin or I can DO something that makes me happier and more fulfilled every-damn-day!

And with the guidance of many great books, and a great therapist, I took my second leap of faith at thirty-five & quit the corporate job for the last time. I followed another passion of mine and became a full-time yoga teacher in 2011! 

I quickly began teaching all over Manhattan's top gyms, including: New York Sports Club, Crunch, David Barton, and Equinox. As well as corporate gigs like NBC, Tiffany & Co., and MetLife.

I bought into that story and spent my early years being a "good" student, a "good" daughter, a "good" friend. I had no problem getting internships and jobs right out of college in the entertainment industry. And I was "good" at those, too.

But I knew I could be SO much more. I felt like I was living a lie. I was an artist ready to take flight but I needed the courage to finally live the life I was dreaming about!  

At thirty, I decided to give it my all and move to New York City to pursue my BIG dream. After a year and a half of following every Behind-the-Music special (I bartended even though I don't drink),
I started to crumble. Pursuing my passion full-time exposed every insecurity I had, the biggest being "I'm not good enough" to be successful.  I couldn't get past that limiting belief so, I went back to a "good" paying corporate job. 

One night, a few months into my new job, I got mugged. What seemed like a horrific experience ended up being the best thing to happen to me! That moment became the catalyst to my spiritual awakening.

Up until that point, I was trying so hard to keep it together. I didn't allow myself to process the pain and shame of my unrealized childhood dream. Once I got a literal kick-in-the-butt from the universe, I finally gave myself permission to feel it all. And I learned the most important lesson: We can't escape our pain. We must learn to feel it all in order to process, heal and transform it for good. 

From that point on, I read everything I could on the topic of Self-Improvement. I understood if I wanted to change my life, I had to change my thoughts about what I believed was possible for me. 

I am originally from Los Angeles; a valley-girl, for sure. I spent my childhood daydreaming of becoming the next mariah carey or whitney houston. but i kept it a secret. I was brought up with the belief success meant getting a college degree & making good money in a professional aka "safe" career. in other words, Leave music as a hobby! 

i created monthly-themed yoga workshops, like "the best love songs of the 80's" for valentine's Day or walk across the brooklyn bridge at sunset yoga + pot luck. then came organizing and selling out international yoga retreats to costa rica, guatemala, peru and morocco! check out our next retreat in yosemite
I also started "Yoga unplugged" (singing & playing guitar in savasana) to crunch gyms in new york.  I LEARNED YOU GET TO CREATE A LIFE FUELED BY ALL OF YOUR PASSIONS.  

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About Me

From Los Angeles to New York, I captured my journey as artist through intimate video confessions.  Way before social media or Youtube, I learned the value of expressing my thoughts and feelings to a camera. This process allowed me to find my true voice. I learned to be vulnerable, honest and trust my intuition. I didn't know I would keep recording all those years but I knew it was therapy for my soul. And in 2014, I edited hundreds of hours of footage to create a full-length film called, The Dream Diaries. Now I can use my life story as evidence that you, too can create a life filled with all the things that light you up! I went from being a victim to life's circumstances to becoming a powerful Co-Creator.  It is the story of who you become along the way towards your dreams because who you become is worth it! 

in 2004, when i turned twenty-nine, i picked up a video camera and started recorded video diaries while pursuing my dreams as a singer/songwriter in los angeles. i had an idea if people got to know me personally, then they would support my music. 
And i continued for ten years! 

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The Dream Diaries!

What people are saying about the film:

"Your film is stunning. Your story is special and needs to be shared. I've never related to something more and I think everyone who watches it will feel this way. To see someone be so authentic in front of a camera is refreshing and enlightening. I really just want to say thank you for this creation. It really touched and inspired me".

"Wow…Even 24 hours later I am still filled with thoughts, questions and inspiration after watching your film!”

“I’m rooting for you every second - I feel inspired, impassioned and understood.”

I spent my fortieth year tackling fears around aging, going after my dreams and finding true love. Instead of dreading another year older, turning forty became the most beautiful & transformative years of my life!

I did things, like: perform in a burlesque show (pictured), join the skipping club, introduce myself to all my neighbors in my NYC apartment, try on wedding dresses while being single, hand-deliver love notes to strangers around NYC, pose nude for 5-hour anatomy & sketch drawing class (while on my period!), participate in co-ed naked yoga, attend a cuddle party, go to an adult gymnastics class, join a Flash Mob, and ask a cute stranger for a kiss on the cheek, sing on the subway (twice), Busk at Washington Square Park and so much more! 

you know i couldn't turn 40 without making a big splash...right? six months prior to my 40th birthday, i booked a solo trip to paris to celebrate. and i cried. i realized i hadn't taken a vacation for myself in ten years! this got me thinking... what else am i afraid of? am i really living my life to the fullest? this journey is what inspired me to become a fearless coach! 

Forty fearless acts @ forty!

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My favorite weekend activity

The Fun Stuff

Hanging in my Hammock! Best purchase of Quarantine.

a hobby that i love

SO many...dancing and singing, cooking, cracking myself up!

a truth that usually surprises people

I've never experimented with drugs, including pot or cigarettes! 

things I enjoy


Iced Coffee


Yoga (duh)

words to live by

"Be patient. Miracles take a little longer than settling does." - Maryam Hasnaa

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