I was told I had "potential" but when I would get up to sing, I froze. I was too scared of not being good enough. I started taking baby-steps towards overcoming my shyness: voice lessons at sixteen, a summer semester at Cal Arts studying voice and music performance, and weekly performance workshops while attending community college before turning twenty-one. Then, after graduating college, while working at Sony Music Publishing where I kept my big dream a secret, I got up the nerve to record my first demo. 

I spent years going to Open Mic's in Hollywood, honing my skills as a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter all while performing & recording all over Los Angeles. Then at thirty, when I grew tired of waiting for my "big break," I made the choice to pursue my dream full-time which led to most signifiant move of my life... New York City. And I stayed for thirteen years. 

I look back at this time in my life where I mostly felt "too old" to be pursuing my dream, and I realize it laid the foundation for me listening and trusting my true voice. I was allowing divine inspiration to move through me and that feeling gave me a sense of belonging to something greater than myself. 

I believe it was my Soul’s plan to overcome my tremendous fear of performing and being seen, and learn to share not only my singing voice... but my true voice with the world.

We are always meant to unpack and pursue the things that we feel innately drawn to. That's why it's called a "gift."  

I was the "shy" one in my family. I would sit quietly in the corner of a room and daydream about one-day becoming a successful singer.
I had no idea how to write music or play the guitar. But that desire led me to pick up a guitar for the first time at twenty-five and teach myself to play and write my own songs.

How Music Shaped Me

27 year old me

music video for "walking on freedom"

10/25/19 Genghis Cohen Hollywood, CA

highlights from my show oct. 2019

highlights from the bitter end nyc

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