I help you step into your purpose + potential by transforming fear into fun, meaningful action so you can become the woman of your dreams!

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As your Fearless Coach, I help you connect with the woman you really are so you can create a life that is full of fun, joy, fulfillment and freedom!

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Imagine owning your voice without the fear of what others will think. 

Imagine having fun in life, loving yourself, feeling alive and inspired by what you want.

Imagine what's possible when you stop hiding behind other people’s expectations and live by your own values.

You know there is more to you. There is something you are here to do and be and it’s causing you angst. You want to let go of that pressure, but your mind keeps telling you what you can’t achieve or who you aren’t allowed to be.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

i wanna learn how!

I used to believe there was only one path towards happiness. I spent my twenties chasing a life I thought I should but felt unfulfilled and miserable. 

Then, I heard a voice whisper: "You have so much more to offer the world. What are you waiting for?" 

So I fearlessly quit my full-time office job and moved 3,000 miles from my hometown of Los Angeles to New York City to pursue my dreams of becoming a successful singer/songwriter.

And that was only the beginning! At forty, I spent a year tackling my fears around aging, going after my dreams & finding true love.

I learned you get to define & create a life that truly lights you up! 

Fearless Coach, Intuitive Guide & Yoga Teacher for heart-centered humans just like you.

Hi, I'm Charlene

about my process

Sometimes the fear holding you back can be so powerful that it’s hard to take even one step towards the things you want in life. I bring together a unique blend of psychic, spiritual and coaching skills to help you uncover who you truly are so that you become connected to your light, feel confident, take action and be empowered to do anything you dream of.

The three stages to my transformative & Fun method:


Over our 12 weeks together I customize a list of fun “fearless acts” personalized to your life and experiences. You’ll have these as homework between our sessions. And each week I’ll add new fearless acts to your plan. The adrenaline rush you’ll feel after accomplishing each act gives you new ways to discover and love the full spectrum of what makes you unique. 

fearless action

My coaching will speak to every area of your life - work, relationships, physical health and spiritual well-being. I'll remind you how special you are and show you how to apply your unique qualities in a fun and fulfilling way so that you can become who you were meant to be. There are no limits to what you can do when you finally figure out how to let all that rediscovered energy shine through.


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