Fearless Coach, Intuitive Guide,
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I help you flip fear + self-doubt into fun fearless action so that you can ignite your light + fall in love with who you are!

Welcome, Fearless Soul! 

Five things you can do today to build inner peace!


It's time to begin the path of remembering who you truly are and why you came! And I'm ready to be your guide...

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There's so much pressure telling us to follow this path or make this amount of money to find happiness, but nothing prepares you for when you've checked all the boxes and still feel unfulfilled?

I know because I was you. I used to equate my value by seeking external validation. Until one day my world flipped upside down and forced me to look within.

I'm going to fill you in on a little secret... There's nothing wrong with you. You are worthy, supported and loved just as you are! You have tremendous wisdom and infinite guidance within you...

Aren't you tired of beating yourself up? 
Aren't you done thinking there's something wrong with you

i wanna learn how!

I used to believe there was only one path towards happiness. I spent my twenties chasing a life I thought I should but felt unfulfilled and miserable. 

Then, I heard a voice whisper: "You have so much more to offer the world. What are you waiting for?" 

So I fearlessly quit my full-time office job and moved 3,000 miles from my hometown of Los Angeles to New York City to pursue my dreams of becoming a successful singer/songwriter.

And that was only the beginning! At forty, I spent a year tackling my fears around aging, going after my dreams & finding true love.

I learned you get to define & create a life that truly lights you up! 

Fearless Lady, Truth seeker & Life Coach for heart-centered humans just like you.

Hi, I'm Charlene

Featured in Entrepreneurs Magazine as one of the top 15 mindset coaches

about my process

As an intuitive guide, I can connect to your Soul or Spirit Team and get right to the root of why you feel blocked or stuck. I am able to "see" and "know" what's energetically in your vibration and bring it to light. To have you witness this is truly transformative in itself. We then work on shifting limiting beliefs and mindset tools to activate change.

The three stages to my transformative & Fun method:


Mindset alone is not enough to create lasting change. You must also take consistent action towards different choices that align with who you are becoming. This is what makes my process so fun and delightful! I create a series of "fearless acts" that are meaningful to you and allow you to create new possibilities and a new future! 

(fearless) action

The meaning of life isn't to be happy all the time. Our pain and our fear have purpose. By stepping into our fears, we shine a light to all the wounded parts of ourselves and learn to love and accept what makes us unique and special. You came to experience and embody these lessons.
I can't wait to discover what makes you, you!


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Five Things You Can Do Today To Build A More peaceful Mindset

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