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 I help you flip stagnancy & self-doubt into fun fearless action so that you can own your voice + rediscover who you truly are!

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Five things you can do today to build inner peace!


If you're nodding "Yes," you simply aren't tapping into what makes you come alive. I know what that feels like & I can help!

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By this age, this career, this relationship, this amount of money... I should be happy but I'm still unfulfilled.

I spend so much of my time people pleasing, afraid to use my voice and stand up for myself. I have trouble even knowing what I want!

I want to turn my brain off sometimes. I wish I knew how to find more balance, more joy, more fun! 

How many times Have you thought to yourself...

"Featured in Entrepreneurs Magazine as one of the top 15 mindset coaches 2020!"

about my process

I want to know what lights you up, what brings you joy, what's got you feeling stuck or fearful. By creating a "fearless acts" journey tailored just for you,
you will learn to step into you power, own your gifts & live the life you were born to!

Working together, we'll do the following...

discover your gold

My speciality is leaning into your weirdness, your silliness, your inner child! Not taking ourselves too seriously is something that I have mastered. Looking at life from a place of wonder & curiosity is what make my process so engaging, delightful and fun!

life gets to be fun

The path towards our Truth isn't to be happy all the time. Our pain and our fear have a purpose. By stepping into our fears, we shine a light to all the wounded parts of ourselves and learn to love and accept what makes us unique and special.
I can't wait to discover what makes you, you!

a journey towards self-compassion

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Five Things You Can Do Today To Build A More peaceful Mindset

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