This year came in and forced us to stay home where we do our work, workouts and our socializing behind a screen. How thrilling, right? But guess what? You made it. Seven months into this Pandemic and you are surviving it.  And you're grateful for that.

Now let me ask you...don't you want to end this year with a bang! Like, I'll show you 2020 how I can step into my power and STEP UP MY LIFE! 

We've spent this year waiting for permission...waiting for this whole pandemic to be over. But you don't need anyone's permission to live the life you really want.  With me as your fun & fearless guide, I will help you get off your couch, and step up your life! 

6-Week Group Coaching Program

Get Off Your Couch, Step Up Your Life!

Most of us stay stuck in our stories: I can't make this amount of money; Who am I to start my own business; I can't be a (insert career change); I'm too old to start that blog or learn a new language; I can't move now; I don't deserve the life of my dreams; I'm not good enough...

Sound familiar?! 

We spin our wheels and stay locked inside the same patterns without ever knowing there's a way out. 

But guess what? There IS! And during the six weeks, we will combine powerful mindset tools with fearless acts to get you out of your story and into your power!

For six-weeks beginning Wednesday, November 18th,  you will be inspired, motivated & challenged to take action towards stepping out of your comfort zone and into your power! As a small group of badass souls (yes, I'm talking about YOU!), you will shed your fears and learn to tap into your greatness!

How it works!

Discovering what you story is, what you desire, why you want it, what excuses you have around NOT having it is the key to transforming our fears. Through the process of becoming aware to our stories, we can move through them and see a different path. This first week we will be asking empowering questions to identify and release what's holding us back. 

What do you want more than anything, that you haven't told anyone? What would it feel like if you actually took action towards getting it? Are you afraid of using your voice? Speaking up? Finding a relationship? Has a previous setback or failure stopped you from moving forward? Are you craving support & accountability to work through your limiting beliefs? Do you want a career change? Through these six weeks, you will identify what story lies behind your fears and take action towards real change!

Let's Break it down:

There's a reason we have our stories. There's a gem buried beneath which we cannot see because we are so embedded in our beliefs. What lessons/gifts have your stories given you? We will dive deep into how our stories served us, created our personality, and created a path towards our purpose. We will take these "gems" and learn to work with our gifts to lead us towards our power. 


Week Three: 

Week Two:

We want to build a case for our subconscious brain (our survival instincts) by giving examples of how we did fearless things in the past & the benefits we received. We will also introduce shadow work (the personality traits we reject in childhood), why it is fundamental to our belief in what is possible for us and how to use it to our advantage. Often what's stopping us from change is a fear of becoming more powerful than we could imagine!

Week Four: 



How willing are you to let go of the need to control an outcome? This week is about learning how powerful we truly are if we can allow ourselves to trust the Universe to co-create with us. We will discuss ways to tap into our spiritual, Higher Self and learn the art of surrendering to what is versus pushing or taking action out of fear. We move from victim-thinking to taking responsibility for the direction of our lives. 

With all these great lessons, we begin to discuss an action plan for you for the new year. This is where you get to dream big! What lies on the other side of your Fear? As Marianne Williamson says, "What if it's our Light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Role playing, and stepping into our future is crucial in this final week. When you become the person who takes action towards what you want, you build integrity. That is essential for our self-worth!

If you knew success was inevitable, how would you show up differently? We will discuss what triggers our fear, how to work through the emotional rollercoaster of taking action where we haven't before and how to notice what voices are truly our own versus our "fear" and "ego." In order to create lasting change we must begin to get comfortable being uncomfortable. 



Week One:

Week Five: 

Week Six: 


The Details:

Dates: tbd 2021

six wednesday's

Our sessions will be held on Zoom for approx. 1.5-2 hours.

4pm west / 7pm east (*times can change due to group time zones).

Each session will be filled with high energy, storytelling, humor, and engaging participation. 
We will begin with journal prompt questions, collective sharing and end with a "fearless act" for you to do for the week.
I believe in the power of community and I guarantee this program will be immensely transformative and fun!  

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If you have questions, please feel free to message me! I can't wait to see you in class! 

I know from personal experience that in order to get motivated and take action, you need a little fire under your ass! This six-week coaching program will give you the accountability to actively test your boundaries, and push you towards your goals in a supportive & fun way! 

Additional Support!

I have a question!

There is additional support in between our sessions via Mighty Networks, The Enlightened Life (I don't like Facebook Groups). We can communicate to each other, support each other and hold each other accountable as we take action towards our fears! You will never feel alone during this journey!

"My fearless journey was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Charlene is an endless beacon of support, joy, and inspiration that I could always feel with me as I embraced conquering my fears. Her intuition and attention to detail in curating my list of fearless acts was spot on and evolved effortlessly as I did.  learned with each fearless act I conquered, I felt ever more magnetic. I don’t ever want to look back, ​the new me feels too good!"

Korena Koba

"Charlene is a joy to work with and her energy is just so contagious. One week, I was having a bad day and by the time our video chat was over, I forgot why I was even having a bad day. Just after the first session, she gave me a few fearless acts to try and she gave me mantras that were completely what I needed to hear, all so spot on. 

Virginia Novella

"I loved working with Charlene! To have structure and someone with such light be your fearless accountability coach is really amazing. One of her most wonderful characteristics is how she listens to you and the way she comes up with the most amazing ideas for you to do! She has walked this path and shares her vulnerabilities and you feel safe to share yours."

Becca Rich

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