Awaken Your Senses Retreat

July 1-8, 2023

You've been fantasizing about a trip to the South of France for awhile now...

You've wondered what it would feel like to take a week off from your normal routine, to reconnect to your heart, to what YOU want and who you know yourself to be...

You've dreamed of being able to practice yoga daily outside on the vast green lawn of a gorgeous private estate...

You've wondered what it would feel like to wake up every morning with the sounds of birds chirping, and the smell of freshly baked croissants awaiting you...

You've imagined swimming and kayaking in the emerald green waters of the largest canyon in Europe, the Gorges du Verdon...

You've wondered what miles and miles of lavender fields in the South of France actually smells like in person...

You've imagined lounging by the pool, taking walks or biking around the villages of Provence, Avignon, and engaging in authentic conversation with like-minded women...

You've wondered what a week of true indulgence, connection to the Earth, to your body and to your Soul would give you...

You've imagined what it would feel like to be taken care of for a full week, nothing to worry about, only to experience...

You've been drooling over the idea of a private chef preparing the most authentic meals with the freshest ingredients for our breakfast, lunch and four-course dinners everyday...

You've secretly wished you could go back to a time when you were a kid at a friends sleepover, laughing, dancing and being silly... 

...when you had no "guard" to let down...

...when you felt free to be yourself...

Our home for the week is located on a hiking trail in the Luberon region of Provence, which is famous for its outstanding natural beauty, with craggy limestone hills, olive groves and forested valleys but above all for the numerous beautiful medieval hilltop villages. The estate spreads over 330 meters (1086 square feet) and has three staircases equipped with two living rooms, two kitchens, a double-sided fireplace, seven bedrooms with double beds, five bathrooms and several terraces with garden furniture, a large swimming pool, ping-pong table, and swings. There is also air conditioning in the summer.
We will practice yoga in the mornings on the many large grass gardens (please bring your own yoga mat) surrounded by fruit trees and the sounds of nature waking up.

Our Private Estate

Awaken Your Senses Women's Retreat is your chance to experience an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime week away in South of France where you will connect to who you really are and awaken to your power within. 


Gorges Du Verdon


We'll visit the Gorges du Verdon (pictured), a natural canyon with the bluest water you have ever seen, often known as the "Grand Canyon" of Europe. Gorges du Verdon is an amazing natural phenomenon, with its stunning turquoise water, caused by glacial minerals. We will enjoy paddling between the sheer cliffs covered in vibrant greenery before reaching the gigantic Lac de Sainte Croix. 

On our way back, we will visit the lavender fields, which is one of the most spectacular natural sights of all time. People come from all over the world to see the beautiful purple rows of flowers stretching for miles into the horizon. Nothing beats walking among the French lavender fields, with the Alps mountains in the distance, the sound of bees buzzing, and the feeling of the sun on your skin

Excursions - Gorges du Verdon

Avignon looks and feels like the backdrop of a medieval fairy tale. While it's largely famous for its 14th-century heyday as a papal capital and its even older 12th-century bridge, Avignon has plenty to offer beyond history. Today this walled Provençal town is a youthful place full of atmospheric cafés, fun shops, and numerous hide-and-seek squares ideal for postcard-writing and people-watching.

From medieval streets and houses to private mansions from the Renaissance, passing through all its old and enticing squares, some no bigger than a tiny lane... 
Avignon invites you for a stay beyond all imagination.


Arrive Saturday, July 1st
*Our home is closest to Marseille airport (40 km) and
Avignon TGV station (25 km / 15 minute taxi ride). I can make arrangements for group van pick up at the airport for approximately 25€ each. Please plan to meet by 5pm.
*Check-in & arrival by 6pm 
*Welcome circle & yoga class by 6:30pm
*Dinner at 7:30pm

Sample Schedule 


Sunday, July 2nd
7:30am Morning Yoga
8:30am - Breakfast
10am-12:00pm - *Awaken Your Intuition Workshop
12:30pm - Lunch included
1:30-5:30pm - Free time
6:00pm - Evening Yoga
Dinner at 7:30pm


Monday, July 3rd
7:00am Quick breakfast
7:30am - On the road to Gorges du Verdon 
9:30am - Arrival at Gorges du Verdon,
spend all day, stops along the way to explore, take pictures, visit lavender fields.
5:00pm Arrive at home
6:00pm Evening yoga / stretch
7:00pm Dinner outside on the terrace



Tuesday, July 4th
7:30am Morning Yoga
8:30am - Breakfast
10am-12:00pm - Free time 
12:30pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Free time where you can rent bikes, kayaks, hike or walk to the nearest town. 
6:00pm - Evening Yoga
Dinner at 7:30pm




Wednesday, July 5th
7:30am Morning Yoga
8:30am - Breakfast
10am-5pm Spend the day in Avignon, walking the old streets, eating lunch on our own, exploring, adventuring.
6:00pm - Evening Yoga
Dinner at 7:30pm

Thursday, July 6th
7:30am Morning Yoga
8:30am - Breakfast
10am-12:00pm - *Awaken To Conscious Co-Creation Workshop
12:30pm - Lunch
1:30-5:30pm - Free time
6:00pm - Evening Yoga
Dinner at 7:30pm

Friday, July 7th
7:30am Morning Yoga
8:30am - Breakfast
10am-12:00pm - Free time
12:30pm - Lunch
1:30-3:30pm - Free time
4:00pm-6:00pm - Final Gathering / Dance Party / Gratitude Circle
6:00pm - Evening Yoga
Dinner at 7:30pm


Saturday, July 8th
7:30am Morning Yoga
8:30am - Last Breakfast
10am - Check-out & Goodbyes 


Lunch (Optional) 


All Meals Prepared By Our Private Chef Onsite

 Light lunch could be Salade de chèvre chaud, Melons de Cavaillon au fromage blanc, Gaspacho provençale, Ceviche,  
Salade d ́endives with olives and fish. Our first lunch together is included. If you wish to add lunch other days, you can let our chef know the day before for an additional 10€ .

Breakfast will include: Freshly brewed coffee, freshly made tea, juice, Croissants, Pain au Chocolate,
Confiture, Miel, eggs of choice and a special of the day (crepes or pancakes).

Dinner will consist of a four-course seasonal and regional meal of original Provincial taste with fresh ingredients from local markets all around the week ́s home –
Entré, Plat,
Fromage, Dessert!
Drinks: Sparkling and non-sparkling Water, Sirops, Juices

All of our meals will be prepared onsite by our private chef so you could be part of the food experience, if you wish. You will enjoy regional, seasonal, sustainable, and fair food of perfectly natural taste in between yoga sessions, excursions, and leisure time. 

Workshop Day 2: Awaken Your Intuition

We are all naturally intuitive. We have simply been conditioned out of trusting our own inner guidance. In this workshop, you will learn how to access and trust how your unique intuition flows through. We will work together through meditation, journaling and practice sessions on ways to develop and strengthen your intuitive connection. You will understand how curiosity and imagination influence our ways to download and interpret higher frequencies and how to discern your True voice versus Ego.

We will be journaling every morning of the retreat to deepen our Soul connection. 

The Workshops - Awaken Your Soul

Workshop Day 5: Awaken To Conscious Co-Creation

Manifestation is a hot topic in mainstream culture right now. But in this workshop, I will breakdown what it means to consciously co-create with the Universe versus Law of Attraction defined manifestation. You will learn how to co-create from your Soul's desires versus the Ego; why your Soul came for the journey not the destination; what it means to be in flow and the magic of synchronicities; the power of gratitude and how to use our 'unwanted' experiences as the invitation to our greatest expansion. You will leave feeling more clear about your future as well as valuable tools to carry you long after the retreat is over!

Luberon, Provence

This is for you, if:

  • You love the idea of an alcohol-free/sober week full of self-exploration, adventure, connection & FUN!
  • You are ready to reconnect deeply with yourself in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.
  • You would love to go to Provence and share this adventure with other like-minded women.
  • You are curious and interested in all things self-help, wellness & mindfulness.
  • You would love to be well-looked after AND have a fantastic adventure!
  • You are up for having huge amounts of laughter, spontaneous dance parties and meeting new incredible Souls (just like you).

This is not for you, if:

  • You don't enjoy getting up close & personal with other people.
  • You don't like the idea of sharing a bedroom and bathroom with a fellow retreat guest.
  • You are looking for a typical tourist trip to Provence.
  • You do not want to participate in any of the workshops and/or yoga classes. 
  • You do not want to have new experiences that might take you out of your comfort zone.
  • You expect to be waited on and served. 

+ 8 days / 7 nights accommodations at private estate
+ 1-2 daily yoga classes 
+ 2 Workshops on Awakening Your Soul 
+ All breakfasts, one lunch & all
4-course dinners & drinks made by a private chef onsite
+ Excursions to Gorges du Verdon & Avignon & lavender fields
+ Transportation to/from all excursions
+ Sheets, bath towels and pool towels
+ unlimited coffee & tea

This retreat has passed. Message me for next one!

Shared Room in Double Occupancy 

Here's what's not included:


Here's what's included:

All prices are per person. 

+ Airfare or travel expenses to/from our estate
+ Yoga mat 
+ All lunches except one
*you can purchase lunch for 10€ by our chef
+ Kayak or boat rentals at Gorges du Verdon
+ Any excursions you do own your own
+ I can arrange a group pick-up from the airport for approximately 25€ each.

Only Private Room Available 

Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Charlene. I've been organizing & leading international yoga retreats since 2015.  I had planned a South of France retreat for May 2020 when, well, you know what happened...and I had to cancel and give refunds to all the participants. Since then, I have been researching and dreaming of the day when I can bring a group to Provence and I'm beyond thrilled to have finally created one for this year. So much has changed since 2020, including the fact that I have moved to Paris, France which makes this whole story even more magical! I am thrilled to include two Awaken Your Soul workshops as well as yoga and mindfulness practices to make this a truly unique and transformative experience. My intention is to create a safe space for mind-body-soul exploration as well as providing a container for transformation, curiosity and magic! I mean, will be in the South of France in July...that IS magical. There's something so special and unique about bringing a group of women together to share our stories, support each other's journeys and laugh until our bellies hurt. I cannot wait to share this incredible journey with you!

"With her effervescent personality and attention to detail, Charlene is an ideal leader as well as a superb and fun yoga teacher who inspires students of all levels. She also has a talent for bringing together a truly nice group of people who share wonderful experiences on her retreats, and genuinely cares that everyone has a good experience. And Charlene organizes everything, so all you have to do is turn up!"

Laurel W.
Guatemala Retreat

"One of the most beautiful spiritual experiences of my life'. Not only does Charlene research and organizes every aspect of the trip, she is also a great leader and yoga instructor. Guatemala was amazing!!! We met the most genuine nicest group of people and can't wait to see them again in our next yoga retreat!"

Ann B.
Guatemala, Peru, Morocco Retreat

"What an amazing experience! I can't say enough about the fantastic trip which was extremely well organized and planned. Perfect mix of activities and downtime. I would join you again and again in a heartbeat!"

Michelle S.
Peru Retreat 

What other's have said about my retreats:

"I’m settled back home in NYC but I’m still talking about Morocco nonstop! We rode camels, camped in the Sahara Desert, hiked the Atlas Mountains, rocked the Kasbah. This trip was such a beautiful and eye opening experience, and I’m grateful to have gotten to share it with a great group of lady yogis!"

Shawna A. 
Morocco Retreat 

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