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Forty Fearless Acts & More

I didn’t want to do this one again.  I just didn’t.  Nope.  No, thank you.  I did it once and it turned out great so I’m gonna lean towards the big “HELL NO” in my head and respectively decline.   But then…There’s this other voice in my head…a much softer, kinder, nudge of a voice, […]

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Fearless Act #43: What Singing on the Subway for the Second Time, Taught Me.

40 Fearless Acts

I decided to buy poster board and advertise that my performing in the park was part of my fearless acts challenge.  And that was a good idea. I quickly learned that singing alone in a crowded park doesn’t garner much attention. I also happened to be next to the booth promoting, National Orgasm Day so, I had some stiff […]

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Fearless Act #30: Busking at Washington Square Park.

40 Fearless Acts

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