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Forty Fearless Acts & More

Last night, in the wretched heat, I decided to stop by a free event hosted at Greenly Square (33rd/Broadway). When I arrived, I immediately started giggling because from the outside looking in… there were a bunch of people singing and dancing wearing funny colored headphones, but you couldn’t hear what they were listening to: hence, […]

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Fearless Act #26: Quiet Clubbing Dance Party!

40 Fearless Acts

A few weeks ago, after announcing to my students that I was doing this challenge, Dante (pictured above) approached me after class revealing he is also turning #40 this year and wanted to know what other fearless acts were on my list. “Well, I’ve always wanted to #Swing Dance at Lincoln Center!” Dante smiles, “You know, I used to […]

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Fearless Act #24: Swing Dance at Lincoln Center.

40 Fearless Acts

Yesterday afternoon, I was busy rehearsing for a Flash Mob happening in Times Square that evening. The rehearsal, about three hours long, was filled with everyone from Grandmother’s to Mom’s and Daughter’s to even kids as young as ten. We were all donating our time to CREATE JOY THROUGH SURPRISE (company’s motto) and inspire the […]

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Fearless Act #19: Flash Mob Marriage Proposal!

40 Fearless Acts

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