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Forty Fearless Acts & More

So today, I was going to attend my first ever skipping club adventure through NYC. I show up at the designated spot via FB invite only to find out I was at the WRONG location. People are asking me, are you lost? I decline to answer as I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I am there […]

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Fearless Act #17: I’m all about that skip, ’bout that skip, no walking!

40 Fearless Acts

So, I’m sitting outside in between classes when I had this crazy/silly/very me idea to skip around the city. My first thought (after I was laughing uncontrollably) was there’s got to be a group or something that gets together and skips and sure enough, I found one! In the city! Since I haven’t skipped in […]

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Fearless Act #12: Skip, skip, skip-to-my-loo!

40 Fearless Acts

I want it!

Five Things You Can Do Today To Build Inner Peace

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