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Forty Fearless Acts & More

There I was, walking down sixth avenue, after being placed on hold with customer service about a dispute on my credit card when…I walked right by the infamous, David’s Bridal on 26th street.  I paused.  I was angry, annoyed and irritable – which turns out – are three S-U-P-E-R power emotions to get you to […]

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My Final Fearless Act: I Said Yes to the Dress!

40 Fearless Acts

I had this one written down…I want to try on wedding dresses. I want to feel what it’s like to see my reflection as a Bride-to-be. But every time I went past a bridal shop, I chickened out. I was afraid. Getting married and having a family is something that I really want and I […]

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Fearless Act #23: Shop for a wedding dress… as a “Single” Woman.

40 Fearless Acts

I want it!

Five Things You Can Do Today To Build Inner Peace

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Five Things You Can Do Today To Build A More peaceful Mindset

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