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Forty Fearless Acts & More

Ok, I admit it…I was weirded out by the whole idea of “naked yoga.”  Just who goes to these classes anyway?  What are the benefits?  Is it all just a gimmick?  A peep show?  And… could I make it through one of these classes without giggling like a teenager?  I was about to find out. Before signing […]

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Fearless Act #39: I Survived Naked Yoga.

40 Fearless Acts

I don’t always have a plan; that’s been my “plan” for this challenge. My intention has always been: how can I live each moment more authentically me no matter what the situation or who’s in the room. So, tonight, without a “plan” I showed up to a yoga class. I’ve been to this particular yoga […]

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Fearless Act #11: Exposing My Belly in Yoga Class.

40 Fearless Acts

Doris has been coming to my yoga class every Saturday at NYSC for awhile now. And she is an undeniable force of nature. She walks into class as if she’s going out on the town…always wearing that pink sequins hat (which I find out is her secret conversation starter), a tiny scarf around her neck, […]

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Fearless Act #7: My Date with Doris.

40 Fearless Acts

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