Fearless Act #18: Sing on The Subway.

#fbf to Day 17 of my #fortyfearlessacts challenge when I decided to sing on the subway. Here’s a lesson in surrendering versus giving up.

After providing the live music at @lyonsdenpy , I decided to bust out my guitar and sing in the subway car on my way home. Like many New Yorkers, it takes a LOT for me to pay attention to subway entertainment. So, I was prepared for the worst.

I entered the train with about ten passengers at Canal Street, pulled out my guitar and started belting my heart out to my song, “It’s Love.” And guess what? Nobody looked up. Not one person. Not even the old lady who I pegged had a heart and would at least smile at me. Nope. Not even her.

I sat back down and started negotiating in my head: maybe I’ll try this another day… maybe I’ll move to another car and continue…maybe I don’t really want to sing and I’m tired and maybe I’ll give up and try another day…

The train stops at Union Square and fills up with passengers. I look up as I’m sitting down with my guitar still out of its case when a gentleman leans in and asks, “Hey, aren’t you going to sing for us?”

My whole body started buzzing. “You really want to hear me sing?” I questioned timidly.
He smiled, “YES! What’s your name?”

He turns to face the packed crowd and shouts: “Hey everyone…this is Charlene and she’s gonna sing for us.”
I couldn’t believe it. What was happening? How did this happen? I gave up. I was giving up. Wh-a-a-a-t-t…

Before I could think one more thought… my body got up and I started singing. I sang my hook, and saw everyone’s eyes engaged and tapping to the beat. I even saw a few people take off their earphones off to listen.
And when the next stop came, they all applauded for me. I couldn’t believe it. What an angel he was.

Once the expectation of “no one cares” manifested, I let go of the how completely. And the Universe delivered an even better outcome than I could have ever imagined.

And here’s the other lesson… my thoughts were filled with doubt. But it didn’t matter because my intention + fearless action was enough momentum to create a new possibility.

And that’s they way life works.

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