My Definition of Success

I was sitting in class as a senior in college, counting down the days until I could graduate and start my life when…⠀

A young woman stood up in front of the class and started talking about working on a farm and how much she loved it. She was earnest and humble in a way that intrigued me. She said something that shocked me:⠀

Success means something different to me.⠀

Say, what? ⠀

Up until that point I thought there was only one definition of success and it meant to earn tons of money, get married and have a family. (Also, get a college degree!) ⠀

As a young, impressionable twenty-something eager to start becoming successful, her definition threw me.⠀

It made me question where I got the idea success meant only one thing.⠀

It made me ask… if I could define success for me, what would that be?⠀

And I didn’t know the answer. ⠀

We are taught so many beliefs and definitions from our parents & society and we adopt them as our own. We think they are ours forever.

Until one day, someone says something that sparks you to question those beliefs/values/definitions.

And you spend your life living for the answers.⠀

It took me many years and many, many failed attempts at chasing societal views of success to realize… ⠀

I get to define what it means.⠀

And it’s ever-changing, ever-evolving… just as I am. ⠀

My favorite definition right now is by Maya Angelou: ⠀

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it. ⠀

Yeah, that sounds good to me. ⠀

✨How do you define success? What definition did you once have and how did it change?✨⠀
📸 success is a no make-up selfie from bed 😉🙏

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