Be Who You Are…

In all the years I taught yoga in New York City, the number one question I would get from students after class was, how did you do it? How are you able to do what you love?

I never thought about teaching yoga as a career. I only saw it as a next step towards following a passion.

That one step turned into over a decade of teaching all over the city, trying new things, experimenting with day retreats and workshops and then international retreats. And with each passing year, I would share more and more of myself.

I played hip-hop & music that I loved; I sang my own songs in savasana; I made my classes playful and fun, yet spiritually grounded. And I was vulnerable about my journey and the tools I used to help me. I didn’t become a teacher because I was the best at yoga; I just had a love for the practice & its principals that was relatable to others.

The more I became myself, the more I attracted Souls who wanted to become more of themselves.

And that’s how we inspire.

Become who you really are, and let who you are be the invitation for others to join you.

People want to know what their purpose in life is… it’s simple: be who you really are. That’s it. And if you’re lucky, maybe you make a career out of it. 😉

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