Love The Story You Tell

“It’s too good to be true.” That’s what people say when things come easily and effortlessly.

I was looking back at my journals about this apartment and I couldn’t t believe how much resistance I had in accepting it. Because it came to me easily. Because everyone told me it would be harder than it was.

We have this deep conditioning that says when someone is too nice or the opportunity is too shiny… it’s not for real. We live in a society that values “hard”. We wear our struggles on our sleeves. Somehow if we didn’t fight for it, struggle for it, beat someone else out for it… it’s not worth it.

Not too long ago, I used to tell that story. And I used to bond with people about the struggle.

But guess what? The more you tell that story, the more you keep attracting the same people and the same struggle.

There is another way.

I realized when I stopped placing my value outside of myself, and allowed myself to feel guided, the aligned experiences, people and opportunities came flowing to me easily. I learned to stop reaching. I learned what it felt like to take inspired action. And I learned what empowering story I wanted to share.

Where story are you continuing to tell? Is it an empowering one or about the struggle? Does it place energy in your healing/lesson/growth or are you playing the victim?

It’s time to love the story you tell. And to realize, life doesn’t have to be hard. You have nothing to prove. Allow your higher guidance to lead the way and watch the miracles unfold.

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