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Yesterday, I bought the 24-hour day pass and was ready to go on my first Citibike through New York City. Here’s a play-by-play of my internal dialogue as I biked through the city: Ok, this is going to be FUN!…rules say, abide by traffic laws, stay off the sidewalk and ride with traffic. Easy…I can […]

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Fearless Act #10: You + Me, Citibike, We finally meet!


I’ve cried numerous times in a yoga class….as the student. Almost ten years as a New Yorker and I consider my yoga practice, my best friend. I show up to practice when I need to dance; when I need inspiration; when I need comfort; and usually, when I need to feel loved. It’s in a […]

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Fearless Act #9: Cry at Work.


Six months before my fortieth birthday, I booked a solo trip to Paris to celebrate the milestone‚Ķ.and, I cried.  I realized I had not taken a vacation for myself in ten years.  TEN YEARS!!  How did I let this happen?   Just ten years prior, while approaching my thirtieth birthday, I made a life-changing decision to […]

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40 Fearless Acts at Forty – The Beginning.


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