What is Spiritual Growth?

We live in a results-driven culture. Show me how you made a million dollars, bought the house, traveled the world, lost the weight, found the partner.

People are always trying to prove to you or show evidence of their success, their growth.

But true spiritual growth cannot be measured by external factors. True spiritual growth is a shift imperceivable to the outside eye.

It’s when you wake up every morning and you like the person you’re becoming.

It’s when you catch yourself going down a loop of negative thoughts and instead of shame yourself, you get curious and say ahhhh… Let me explore what’s causing me to spiral, what’s the core wound that I’m feeling? And create a new story, a new possibility.

It’s when you start to let go of relationships and old ways of showing up in the world that kept you staying small.

It’s when you become more vulnerable, compassionate and truthful with yourself and attract others who do the same.

It’s when you start to appreciate the simple things like, a morning sunrise, a new houseplant, a delicious meal, a belly-laugh with a loved one.

It’s when someone asks you to show evidence of all your “doing” during this time and you simply say, “I’ve been working on myself.” And have no desire to justify or explain.

You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

You are already worthy, loved and supported just by being you.

You have so much inner wisdom and guidance inside of you just waiting for you to discover…

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