I Was Addicted To Be Validated…

Like a sugar addict, I needed the sweet rush of others to confirm my point of view.

I noticed as soon as a problem, trigger or new idea would arise, I would grasp for someone’s approval, like I was drowning in my own uncertainty.

I felt it in my soul that I could do better.

Be better.

That I knew better.

I knew I was cheating myself. Once I got what I wanted, I felt empty. Unsatisfied. Because I knew the truth.

I stopped trusting myself.

It became too easy to make the call, share the story. I would take other people’s enthusiasm or lack thereof as evidence to not trust the only voice that matters… my own.

There are times in your life when you just know in your bones that something is right for you. You don’t need to ask anyone. It’s a deep-soul KNOWING.

But many times, it’s the hundreds of small choices we make in a day that feel the hardest. We get distracted. We get swept away into this or that and we lose touch with our own inner knowing.

So I started to practice.

When I felt the urgency to seek outside guidance, I would sit in the space of unknowing. I would allow the uncomfortable feeling to move through me. I would observe my desire to want to release it and I would simply stay in it longer. Breath by breath, moment to moment… until the feeling passed.

And it always does.

But its a practice of learning to love that space between certainty and uncertainty.

When we reach for the quick fix, it becomes a never-ending cycle that makes you trust yourself less, and outside opinions more.

But when you practice navigating through your own internal blocks and patterns of thinking that keep you stuck… you will experience a shift, a new way of recognizing your own true voice. You realize it’s always been there underneath the busy/doubtful thoughts.

Once you live from that place of inner knowing, outside approval is simply icing on the gluten free cake 😉🙏

✨Are you feeling like a validation addict? What areas of your life are you seeking outside opinions?✨

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