Don’t Give Up Before The Miracle.

I read that before, but I didn’t quite understand how it applied to my life…until turned forty.

When I turned forty I spent one full year tackling fearless acts around aging, going after my dreams and finding true love in New York City.

And every time I would show up to do something fearless, like sing on the subway or introduce myself to all my neighbors or pass out twenty-five handwritten love notes to strangers… a big part of me always wanted to give up.

It was the loudest voice in my head, “This is a stupid idea. You’re humiliating yourself. Just stop already. Nobody cares.”

I learned the “miracle” happens when you surrender to how it’s supposed to look.

After knocking on twenty doors of my apartment building, and only two people answering…I felt rejected and wanted to give up. But I said to myself, knock on one last door. And that last door was the only real connection I made.

After passing out twenty love notes with tons of rejection, I wanted to give up. But I said to myself, just finish. And the next day, the last person I asked told me how much I made her day and she helped me deliver the rest.

After singing on the subway to no one looking up, it was when I sat down, ready to give up that a stranger asked me to sing for the subway car!

We call ourselves “failures” or give up too soon when what we set out to do doesn’t look the way we thought or produce the exact outcome we want.

But what if it was never supposed to.

What if your purpose was to keep showing up, regardless of how it looks… and trust that it IS working.

What if you came here to forge your own path, filled with enough obstacles to build strength, enough disappointments to build resilience and enough “failures” to learn nothing will break you.

You are made to create your life the way you want. Don’t give up before your miracle!

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