Lessons From From A Moroccan Sunrise…

We arrived on camels 🐪 in 108 degrees to the Sahara Desert for one night only. This was last May 2019 on my retreat to Morocco.

I remember feeling the unbearable humidity during the night, the sweat on my sticky skin and darkness like I had never experienced once we closed the doors to our tent.

But the night sky was stunning. Millions of stars like I had never seen and the moon so giant I felt I could reach out my arms and touch it.

The next morning, we woke before 5am, hiked up the not-so-easy sand dune to watch the sunrise.

It was one of those moments that profoundly humbles you. How life can be so beautiful and how this sunrise can feel like a miracle.

I remember thinking how I wanted to experience more moments like this in my real life.

I had no idea in that moment I was actually casting an intention for myself.

One year later and the world is an entirely different place. Unrecognizable, uncertain and scary.

And yet, I wake up every morning, go up to my rooftop to meditate and watch the sunrise. And I am humbled. And incredibly grateful. And it truly does feel like a miracle.

We have no idea how many times a day we set intentions for ourselves. Little promises, and sacred agreements we make, all day, everyday with the Universe.

When we pay attention, and become conscious, we can see evidence that everything we ask for is always showing up in our lives.

Even the stuff we don’t intentionally want more of.

Like, a relationship or circumstance that requires us to stand up for ourselves because we silently ask, please show me all the ways I have been staying small.

Or having fear or anxiety around money, thinking there’s “not enough” and then experiencing “not enough” in your bank account.

You have no idea how powerful you truly are. Once you practice the art of tuning in, there’s a whole inner world that’s available to you. Ready and willing to co-create your desires with you.

✨What are you intentionally calling in right now?✨

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