If You’re Outgrowing Who You’ve Been…

The assumption is we hit a certain age, certain career stride, certain milestone and we think we’re done. We’ve got it all figured out. And then life pulls the rug out from under you and says… now what? And you’re on the ground fighting for the rug back.

I’ve learned to stop fighting it. To say yes to a life of being woke means you’re always evolving, changing, growing. And it’s not always fun and definitely not easy.

But a wise therapist once told me, this is just one chapter in the large book of your life… you have no idea what this is preparing you for.

So let me remind you… You have no idea what this experience, this time, this heartbreak, this journey… is preparing you for.

Let’s embrace this chapter together, shall we?

✨Do you agree? Have you been feeling like you’re outgrowing who you’ve been?✨

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