Catching the light, the magic.

We are taught to believe it’s somewhere outside of us. In the external condition…the money, the job, the partner, the new haircut.

We think if we have more of this thing we desire, then we’d feel better about ourselves.

But what happens when the “magic” of attaining something in order to feel better… doesn’t work anymore.

It happens even in meditation. We keep chasing that first high after a really great meditation or breathwork practice or yoga session.

We become attached to the outcome. We stop being present to what is and who we are in the moment. We want to “do the thing” to feel better or become more spiritual.

I have a morning ritual, a meditation and journal practice. And the biggest gift it has given me is learning to unplug from all expectation. Sometimes I watch the sunrise, sometimes I sleep in. Sometimes I journal after and sometimes I make coffee instead. I allow myself to change my mind because I know I am changing everyday. And I allow myself & my routine to evolve.

And therein lies the magic. When we can become truly present with ourselves, we realize it’s never about the thing we are doing, only how we are BEing in each moment.

The light we seek is always within. Allow yourself to change and become new again.

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