What if you aren’t blocked?

I’ve been feeling frustrated at the concept of “clearing our blocks” or “unblocking” what’s in our way to receive (insert manifestation).

The energy behind thinking we are “blocked” is lack-based, as if to say there’s something wrong with me and I need to fix this. It’s sending a message to the universe that you are not enough as you are.

There are reasons for our stories, and why we close up. And thinking our way to “unblock” an old belief without understanding what purpose it serves, is missing the point.

What if…

There’s nothing to fix or remove.

What if…

These “blocks” are actually doorways that lead us down a new pathway of understanding ourselves deeper.

What if…

They lead us back to an inner knowing of who we really are.

That we are already worthy, supported, and enough.

These doorways are our gifts.

They teach us compassion for ourselves, and offer an inner wisdom that isn’t based on conditions. That isn’t based on getting the house, or the relationship or the job… in order to feel worthy.

And it is the privilege of our timeline to unpack.

Self-discovery is a long and beautiful road of inner knowing, remembering and rediscovering who you really are.

With so many doors and pathways to explore within, stay curious. Stay fascinated. Stay open to it all.

I know I will 😉🙏

✨What’s behind one of your doorways? ✨

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