Expansion. What it really feels like.

I was having one of those days where everything seemed to go wrong. It started with being placed on hold for an exuberant amount of time, only to get disconnected when my time was up! Then one thing after another started to not go my way as if to remind me: oh, you think you’re so spiritual and have it together… how bout THIS!

I allowed myself to feel my feelings and get frustrated, but there was a new inner knowing, a shift in perspective that took place. This voice would whisper: don’t make this current situation mean something bigger than it is. It’s just a circumstance that is happening. That’s it.

And isn’t that what we do all day, everyday. We assign meaning to everything. I was making myself feel worthless and wrong just because a set of circumstances weren’t going my way.

Once I took a walk in nature (where I always go to connect w/my Soul/Higher Self) I realized: THIS is what it feels like to expand. Contrast shows up in our reality to literally say: hey, you want to respond to all this the exact same way as you’ve done in the past? Cool. You’ll stay exactly the same as you were.

Or hey, you want to remember who you really are, which is pure love and infinitely powerful in every moment… cool, keep expanding into that version of who you are!

And that’s all it really is. A dance between the two. Expansion and growth is a choice you get to make in every moment. And you know you are choosing it because it always feels better.

✨What are you choosing to align with? Where do you go to remember your Truth?✨

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