Here are some tips to help work through TRIGGERS!

1). When a trigger comes, it’s energy that’s been circulating in your electromagnetic field for some time, so it’s very hard to slow, stop or manage it. The momentum is simply too strong. The best way to handle a trigger is to ALLOW it. Breathe through it. Most times it will manifest as anger and irritation, snapping at the other person. But other times, if you’re like me, it comes up as disconnection, silence, and complete shut down. Just because we aren’t loud about it, doesn’t mean the energy isn’t just as strong. Give yourself the space to work through it. go for a walk/run, journal it out, dance it out, SPEAK YOUR NEEDS to the person. “I can’t talk about this right now.” “I need a moment to myself.”

2). GUILT. Can we talk about the guilt we feel after we’ve had an unpleasant exchange with a loved one? It’s real and it’s your Soul’s indicator that this is coming up FOR you. Once you’ve had some time to release the trigger… ask yourself or journal out: How is this here for me? If my Soul manifested this exact situation for me to learn…. what? Usually our Soul wants us to learn the wholeness of something. For instance, if my trigger was around not having enough money, I would be feeling lack of it. I would feel unworthy, less-than, insignificant. If my Soul wanted me to learn the wholeness of this, I would journal out all the ways having more money would make me feel. And I would lean into the essence of that. THAT is what my Soul yearns for, not money itself but what I think it will give me. This is what we came here to do!!

3). Lastly, forgive yourself. This is a big one. We are all a work-in-progress. None of us have it all figured out. Once you understand all relationship are God’s assignments to work through us, you won’t be as attached to being right or making another person wrong. The more compassion you can give yourself, the more you can offer it to others.

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