Tips on how to trust messages from your Higher Self.

Before I ever studied anything related to “psychic” stuff (I even have a hard time associating myself with that word), I would ask for guidance and unknowingly, ignore the message.It felt too simple. Too obvious. No, no… the real answer must be more complicated!

Sound familiar? All day long we do this. We receive so many messages from our Soul and yet we just don’t recognize it.

Here’s some tips on how to listen and trust the messages from your Higher Self:

1). Pay attention to your body. Our bodies are our biggest intuitive tool. They are our truth tellers. Taking walks, and moving your body are ways to create a deeper connection. When you think about something, notice where you feel resistance and where you feel expansion. And acknowledge it. Our Soul/spirit teams love to be acknowledged.

2). The truth is simple. Always. The Ego makes it complicated. You hear a voice whisper, “leave” or “move” or “forgive” and the Ego will give you reasons and build a case against it. Notice those thoughts, they are simply protecting you. But your Soul came here to grow so the messages will always feel a little outside of your comfort zone. Again, acknowledge the guidance and more will follow.

3). Feel your feelings. If you’re feeling off, sad, rejected… that’s your Higher Self letting you know you’re believing a story that’s not true. “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never have this or that… “ these are all limiting beliefs. Allow the feeling to move through you (cause it’s already got lots of momentum) and watch it leave. Then, declare: I’m ready to heal from this. Please allow me to receive the lesson without the trauma. Trust me, it gets easier. As you build trust, you’ll be less judgmental. You know it’s all here for you.

4). JOY. When your doing what lights you up… your Soul expands and you become a direct channel for all the messages. You feel inspired, alive, connected and in flow.

5). Presence. That’s where the healing lies.

✨Got q’s? Let me know in the comments. Which of these resonates the most?✨

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