“You become what you believe” – Oprah Winfrey.

I spent my early years believing all I needed to do was work hard enough and my dreams would come true. I had no idea (until I actually quit my job and spent my thirties “leaping without a net” towards my dreams) that I could be holding beliefs that were in opposition to what I wanted.

“I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never be successful”… were just some of the limiting beliefs I was hearing on repeat in my mind.

When I first discovered we co-create our reality by our thoughts, our words, and our actions… I stopped trying so hard. I wanted to understand and shift this dialogue in my head that drove me crazy!

First thing I did was create a gratitude list – everyday! I knew if I could shift my focus from lack to abundance, my perspective would change and I could attract more of what was working in my life.

Then I started to hear a new voice in my head. One that was nurturing and kind and asked me questions like, how could I see this differently? How is this showing up for my ultimate good?

Little by little I was leaning in to that inner voice and trusting it more. That led to another “leap without a net” move to becoming a yoga instructor but this time, I had the mindset to withstand the opposing thoughts. And I took action after action towards what I wanted… and it worked.

Those beliefs that have been circulating around since we were children don’t simply go away.

But, I’ve been learning through my intuitive training how to find the root of these beliefs and clear them completely!

This is such powerful work and I’m SO thrilled to be able to guide you!

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