Disappointment. It can feel like a common theme these days.

A typical scenario goes like this: you want something, you take the action towards it, only to discover that what you want doesn’t end up manifesting in your life.

Whomp-whomp. 😞

Here’s the important piece we keep forgetting:

When we get disappointed by an outcome, it’s because we have an attachment or expectation to how our desire is going to show up! For example, we want an apartment so we keep looking at ads, driving around certain areas, but nothing is like what we want. And we end up settling on something that’s not everything on our list and then blame the Universe or ourselves for (yet again) being let down.

Here’s how to shift this.

Instead of expecting our desires (or people!) to look exactly like what we planned, we have to remember to surrender the details.

You can ask: I desire a new home that has this and that AND I am open to how it’s going to show up. When you release the chord of attachment (the Ego loves to attach itself to a condition), truly ANYTHING is possible! A neighbor could strike up conversation with you for no apparent reason and instead of brushing them off, stay curious and engage them in conversation. They could casually mention they own a villa in the South of France and need someone to house sit for the summer! (and you could be that someone!)

*Remember* miracles happen as disruptions of our normal routine. Pay attention to the “random” coincidences, as these are all ways in which the Universe (& ur Spirit Team) works through people to support your desires.

AND – If what you desire doesn’t show up in way you wanted, an important question to ask yourself is: What is the essence of what I want? Go more general as this helps us let go of the details.

The next time you feel disappointed, ask yourself what outcome are you attaching to? How can I go more general? Remember contrast is how we sharpen our vision. It’s not a bad thing.

Never stop asking, pursuing and dreaming. It’s what you came for.

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