Repeat after me:

✨There is no power stronger than my will.

✨I am a powerful co-creator who came to experience a whole spectrum of emotions so that I can embody the wisdom and lessons of what it means to be human. And then share that wisdom with others.

✨Tears are my friend. They allow me to release and soften any resistance around my heart.

✨All relationships are mirrors that reflect back to me parts of myself that desire to be seen and parts that desire integration (shadow).

✨There is no limit to what is possible for me. I can do, be and have whatever is my hearts desire.

✨The only thing standing in my way is the belief something is standing in my way.

✨What I admire in someone else, I have within me.

✨Fear is a loud siren telling me I am stepping into new territory. And I am excited to take the next step forward.

✨When I feed and express my JOY, I feed my heart.

🌸 Which one resonates with you the most? 🌸

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