Yesterday I was feeling down…

…for no apparent reason and I just kept pushing through it.

I kept trying to talk myself out of it: look at that tree, how beautiful, and this weather, how lovely… be grateful… blah, blah.

And it sorta worked. Until I got home and felt myself crawling into bed at 6pm. I was exhausted. And I just wanted to cry.

The exhaustion was due to the fact that I was “trying” to talk myself out of what was present within me. I was “pushing” myself to feel grateful when the momentum of sadness was too strong.

So I allowed it to move through me without knowing why.

And started to journal:

When you’re in it, try not to make it mean more than it is…. it’s just tears. Observe the thoughts, but do not attach to them. See the story play out but do not agree with it. In this moment, simply allow the tears to wash away. Allow them to release. I release them. I release this. It’s that simple.

“It’s that simple” kept ringing true to me. Truth is simple.

When I allowed it, I felt better. And from that place of presence, I realized it was my inner child that felt undervalued. There was an old story that got triggered in me from days prior, that I didn’t see.

And like I’ve always said, our feelings are Feedback. They let us know what stories we are believing.

And so I asked my Soul to release this old story that no longer serves me anymore. I knew why it was coming up and I knew how to let it go.

And that’s how it goes. We can’t see the “why” or receive the healing until we allow it to move through us. There’s just no shortcut.

The power comes from our ability to witness it, move through it and ASK for it to be released.

You are that powerful, ya know 😉

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