Maybe we have to experience our heartbreak through every emotional lens.

What is this through anger?

What is this through pain?

What is this through betrayal?

Until there’s only one way to see it… and that is through love.

One year ago I experienced a loss and I felt numb to it in the beginning.

Then I felt betrayal.

And then anger. The anger was the toughest because it wasn’t just about this one situation. It was about all the times I felt betrayed and rejected.

And I couldn’t see past it. Every morning and every evening… the angry thoughts kept looping around and around.

Until one day I realized as long as I stay angry and blame this person… I don’t have to feel the loss.

And that’s when it hit me… my subconscious was protected me. And I knew the only way to get through it was to feel it all.

And so I asked…

I’m ready to feel this fully.

I know I am capable to move through this.

And what came next was extraordinary.

After the tears… I was able to experience it and see it through love.

The love was always there. I just needed to move through the emotional layers of protection.

We can’t rush transformation. We can’t push towards an outcome that we aren’t ready for.

Trust the process and remember you can always ask for guidance.

Life is always happening for you. Waiting on you to say: I am ready…

✨In the comments, tell me what you are ready to move through?✨

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