When you’re in sadness, uncertainty and pain… remember this:

Every choice, every moment and every experience led you here… for your growth, your expansion.

This is cracking your heart open.

Allow it.

You are being held, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Fear will tell you to push this away. It will try and blame and shame you for feeling this low.

Don’t believe it.

Fear doesn’t like change. It will always interfere with your growth.

You only job is to feel your way through.

Let this pain and sadness take you somewhere new.

Let go even more.

You could be releasing an old pattern, an old way of being, an outdated version of who you are.

Allow this process to change you.

That is why you’re experiencing it.

Your Soul speaks to you through emotions.

Reminding you that which you are NOT.

So you can remember who you really are.

You are love.

You are a powerful co-creator.

Contrast sharpens your desires. Allow this experience to sharpen your vision.

It’s what you came for.

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