Let’s talk about signs, shall we?

You know, those unexplainable symbols that seem to show up consistently in your reality that trigger you to think, “I’m on the right path” or “I should take the job!”

But here’s where we get tripped up. We think, OMG this IS meant for me! I “should” leave and move to this city or buy this house or car or leave this relationship… because I keep seeing signs telling me to!

The Universe is always co-creating with us. So when we birth a new desire, the Universe is sending us symbols or signs as ways to yield our desires into reality. Simply because WE desire it. It’s saying, yes, yes… have that experience!

So we quit the job, leave the relationship or move to the city… and the experience isn’t turning out as delightful as you imagined, and you start to doubt yourself. You think it was a big mistake. You question the Universe, the signs, all of it. You spend so much time retracting your choices, wishing you could go back and “choose again”… and you miss what the experience is really trying to teach you.

Here’s another way to look at it: You came for the experience. You came for the expansion. You came to birth new dreams, new desires all the time. You came for the journey of it ALL. YOU are a powerful co-creator with a strong will to CHOOSE your own path. Many paths. You need contrast to know what you don’t want, so you can create more of what you DO want.


You only keep learning the same lessons 🤣😉

And… on a personal note, can we debunk the myth that says once we are a certain age… we have to somehow stay in one place or one career or one relationship?

Let people live their lives. Even if triggers what we believe to be true for ourselves.

Clarity comes from doing. Let yourself get it wrong. It makes the journey way more interesting!

✨So, I am asking you…what do you truly desire right now?

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