You’ll never get rid of your Fear; the trick is to learn to dance with it!

It was the last night of my solo trip to Paris, and I realized I hadn’t picked up my guitar since once.

I made a promise to myself that I would try and play live as part of my #fortyfearlessacts challenge, but there I was, tired, making excuses for myself… “oh, it’s late, I’ll do it another time. I don’t speak French, how would I even find a place to play… blah, blah”

But the bigger part of me knew this was more than just a “fearless act.” THIS was the essence behind my intention for creating this fearless journey to begin with. In this moment, I could choose to align with Fear and stop myself from trying or I could choose to align with my true desire.

So that night, I grabbed my guitar and walked to the corner of my Airbnb with only one intention: Find a place to play!

I heard live music coming from a local bar, and walked straight to the bartender and said, “I want to play a song!”

I have no idea if he even understood me but my vibration was SO strong, everyone in that bar conspired to make this happen.

Before I knew it, the path to the stage was clear and the two cute boys that were already playing music, invited me to sit down and sing. Cedrik, the lovely guitar player next to me, agreed to stay and play along with me.

I don’t know how I sounded, or what I even said… but I’ll never forget how I felt:


This is what happens when you decide to honor your desire, take the inspired next step, and leave the “how” for the Universe.

This is manifestation in its purest form.

It’s a choice. Everyday. Every moment.

This is what’s available to you. You can create a life fueled by fear, stopping yourself from doing the things you want or learning to dance with your fear, turning it into the most exhilarating experience that leaves you feeling ALIVE.

It only takes your willingness to say YES to your desire, step into fear, and leave the details up to the Universe!

Wanna learn how you can dance with your Fear? DM me & let’s make some magic happen for YOU!

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