What if your Ego was actually working for you?

We are taught in the spiritual space to eradicate our Ego and think of it as “bad” or “wrong.”

But I have a different perspective.

When I spent a year stepping into fear at forty, each and every “fearless act” allowed me to experience an Ego death. Meaning… I let go of who I thought I was and stepped into a my highest potential.

I wanted to explore who l would be if I made different choices; if I lived from pure intention (desire) to action. What if I stopped listening to the nay-sayer in my head and did the things I really wanted. Who would I become?

For the first 21-days, I felt an incredible adrenaline rush each time I tackled something new. But I learned quickly that I couldn’t hold onto that High.

By the end of each day, my Ego started to run a story that triggered me enough to cry.

After weeks and weeks of this pattern, I realized something…We aren’t meant to be happy all the time. We cannot hold happiness any more than we can hold onto any emotion. We must empty out in order to fill up again. All emotion must be felt, and moved through.

My Ego was actually working FOR me. I needed to empty out each evening in order for me to reach that High again the next day. We are meant to move through the entire spectrum of emotions. That is what we came to feel… that state of ALIVEness.

I learned that the “story” was showing up because I needed to forgive, accept and release my biggest shame story. So I shared everything on social media and became the most vulnerable publicly than I had ever been before.

And I felt free.

Your Ego is working for you, too. When something unwanted is showing up, ask yourself: How is this here for me? How can I use this story or circumstance as a gateway to practice self-acceptance? Self-compassion? Self-love?

The journey becomes a lot more enjoyable when you value all of it!

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