I talk a lot about feelings…

Why it’s so important to “feel our feelings” instead of run from them like this picture 😜

When we feel something and allow it to move through our bodies, something shifts in our awareness. We begin to embody a Truth about ourselves that we would otherwise miss if we avoided the process of feeling.

Here’s a few ways to practice allowing your feelings to move through you to access your own wisdom:

1). Notice your mind’s reaction to a “triggering” or unpleasant experience. Are you shaming yourself, talking sh*t to yourself (i.e., I can’t believe I’m upset over this thing, why can’t I get over this?!?!). Self-blame is a common response to an unwanted emotion. It’s the Ego’s way of trying to keep you in the problem rather than moving through the feeling to access your Higher Knowing. When this happens, feeling your feelings entirely and journal: If my Soul/Spirit/Universe (or Future Self) brought me this exact experience to move through for my highest good, what would the lesson be? What could this be teaching me? What is the Higher lesson?

This is also a powerful way to uncover some limiting beliefs. For instance, in this example of self-blame/punishment, you could be holding a belief that says: I have to be hard on myself in order to grow/survive.

2. Feelings are like rollercoasters. They do have a beginning, middle and end. You won’t feel “pain” or “sadness” forever. The important thing to remember is everything bares purpose. We hold on to resentments, limiting beliefs for a reason. We came to learn the fullness of an experience. For instance, if we needed to learn the fullness of forgiveness, we would draw to us experiences that created the opposite of forgiveness, like, betrayal. And this could show up as self-betrayal, not keeping promises to ourselves, or abandoning ourselves in service for others needs. Once we understand and extract our higher lesson, we stop attracting the unwanted circumstance.

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