How many times do you dismiss your own expansion because it happens without a witness?

I know I used to call a friend whenever I’d feel a shift in perception around a certain area in my life because I felt if I didn’t share it… did it really happen?

While it’s a beautiful thing to have a friend/partner/community to share our insights and our growth with… it’s also equally and I would argue, more empowering when you can appreciate it for yourself.

Journal out your shifts in perception, record all the times you stood in your power, created a new boundary, or felt an ease where there once was heaviness.

This journey of your evolution never stops. Honor the quiet, subtle moments that you choose your higher Self. And the moments you’ve allowed love in versus making yourself wrong for feeling something uncomfortable.

Your Soul & Spirit are applauding with you.

It’s so beautiful when we simply feel our expansion happening within.

It’s never a small thing. ❤️

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