I remember all the times it rained on me while living in New York City. And I wasn’t happy about it, unlike this picture.

I either forgot an umbrella, left it on the train or a class or, or it unpredictably poured with no warning and I had to hide underneath scaffolding or a Duane Reade. I would spend many times hiding inside places, buying ridiculous things just to take up time while I waited for the rainstorm to clear.

I used to think living in New York forced me to surrender because of how many times “life” or “the weather” or “the trains” would get in the way to my plans.

But, the truth is it taught me how to make quick decisions. I still fought it. I would mumble under my breath, throw my hands up and wonder why I didn’t bring an umbrella and if it’s worth it to buy (yet another) new one!

Surrender means we accept what is without wanting or needing it to be different. We can throw our heads back and take in the moment that is unfolding before us. There’s a peace that comes over us and through our bodies when we are no longer gripping to an attached outcome. It feels free.

Everything is happening for our highest good, so why not throw your head back, smile and just get wet!

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