I Signed a Lease for my First Parisian Apartment!

Woohoo 🥳 It’s in the the area I wanted, Le Marais, a five-minute walk from the Seine river, and it has the street views I dreamed of. And the street noise I maybe didn’t want to know would accompany it 😉

I spent the night for the 1st time last night and I kept looking up at the ceiling in disbelief. How is this real? How is this my home?

Just a year ago I was traveling to Portland thinking maybe I’d move there.

It’s interesting to think what we allow ourselves to dream about. And what we intentionally keep to ourselves because we don’t want someone to tell us what we can’t do.

The journey to Paris has always been an unfolding of a new kind. Meaning, whenever I meet resistance, and yes, there was plenty before I signed the lease… I know how to move through it differently. I have the tools & the awareness to know when it’s Fear speaking or my True inner voice.

The apartment is definitely not perfect. Nothing ever is. But I knew it felt right when I walked in and met with the mother of the owner. I knew when we sat and talked. I knew when I left and sent my documents without thinking twice about it.

And then I questioned it 🤣🤣 because I’m an imperfect work-in-progress.

All of this to say… as I was sitting in my new home this morning, I heard a few musical notes in the distance and opened my windows to this sweet welcoming serenade that only Paris can give… Le Vie En Rose 🌹.

I am home. 💗

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