#tbt First Album Cover

Maybe 26/27 years old. First real photoshoot for the cover my 1st CD of original music.

I think about her a lot. How excited and passionate she was about making it. How she was always in a hurry to get it done because according to her, she was already “too old.”

She no idea that in just a few years she’d leave LA, move to the big apple, quit her corporate job and pursue music full-time. She didn’t how much courage it took to take that leap because she had nothing to compare it to. It was all new and thrilling to her. As it should be.

She had no idea this was just the beginning of the many leaps she’d take by the tender age of 46 😉 . And each time, it would feel even scarier than the one before.

And if I even tried to tell her any of this, she wouldn’t hear it. She came for the ride, the experience, the fascinating and turbulent journey of a Soul on a mission to live their true hearts calling.

That’s what we all came for.

And that calling can change 100000x in just one lifetime. And if I’m being honest, I think it should.

Surprise your younger self. Make her proud of who you are becoming. It’s a beautiful thing to make peace with your past. Then you can always look back with pride.

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