First Month In Paris…

…and it was all smooth sailing. Yah right! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Here’s the Truth: the more we want it to be easy and effortless, the more the Universe will show us how our “need” to have it be a certain way… IS in the way.

I saw many apartments and none of them made me want to live in them.

I know my past self would have just taken whatever, but I know better.

If we want to be our most expansive Self, we have to make choices that align with that higher version of who we are.

And it’s scary to say NO. It’s uncomfortable to live with new values & beliefs of who you are and what you will allow.

This experience is teaching me I have a choice.

I have chosen to take a sublet for two months so I can give myself more time to explore and find something I love.

When you’re coming from Fear, it never feels like you have a choice. You’re in survival mode and don’t believe something better will come. And your coping mechanism to be safe is far greater than it is to choose growth/faith.

I know the difference now.

And you can too.

Ask yourself: is this choice aligning with my expansion, my Higher Self or my Fear? What will it look like for me to (blank)? Could I give myself more time to (blank)?

We are where we are. And there’s no shame in that.

But allowing yourself to see you have a choice… is your expansion.

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