I’m Moving To Paris!

I’m finally doing the thing I’ve been secretly (or maybe not so secret) wanting to do for SIX YEARS! Ever since I started my fearless journey at forty in Paris, I knew I wanted to move someday. I just didn’t know how so I left it on the shelf as a “someday/one-day” dream. You know, we all have those, “one day, I’ll… “

But today, it feels so wonderful to realize a dream that used to feel so far away. And now it’s officially happening March 1st!

This wasn’t an easy decision, by any means. I had to do A LOT of inner work to get here.

And I’ve always said: it’s the journey towards a dream that we came for, that feels most fulfilling.

There are so many lessons I learned along the way and I’m sharing all the details of my journey to Paris in the new season of my podcast, The Fearless Lady, out today!

In this season opener, I talk about:

*Why moving back home to LA was a crucial step to healing my inner child

*Releasing coping mechanisms and friendships that no longer served

*Transitioning my career & outing my financial shadow

*How I moved through fears of rejection and guilt

*The biggest shift that made all the difference to making my dream of moving to Paris a reality

And so much more! This is a long episode but I promise it’s worth it. LINK is in my BIO. Or search “The Fearless Lady” on iTunes & Spotify.

It’s those seemingly small incremental steps that creates the biggest transformation. It ALL adds up!

One more thing… people say things like “it’s never too late” or “age doesn’t matter” but the truth is the older we get, the harder these life-changing decisions are because we’ve been through so much more. I want to honor those of us who are older and wiser and feel resistance towards change. Just know wherever you are, you can move through it. It IS possible.

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