It’s Scary To Follow Your Desires

“When your motivation is the fact that you want to live a different and better existence, you’re going to find that a lot of the resistance fades because you’re being pushed by a vision that’s greater than your fear.” – ‘The Mountain is You’ by Brianna Weist.

The first initial step towards any big desire is supposed to feel scary. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and into a newer, more evolved you.

I talked myself out of moving to Paris a bunch of times. You can listen to my latest podcast episode “I’m moving to Paris!” to hear how much resistance I felt and had to work through.

But my vision for what I believed my life would be in Paris was always stronger.

I’d watch YouTube videos on how hard it would be to find an apartment in Paris to joining Facebook groups where there was so much conflicting info on how to apply for a long-stay Visa that I would feel defeated. Then I’d sit with the feeling longer. I’d do breath-work or meditation to cry it out. Then I’d find whatever limiting belief was there holding me in conflict, clear & replace it and I’d feel better. Back to my vision again.

And all the while, I was compassionate with myself and I used my intuition to guide me. I know there’s an easier way, became my mantra.

Your vision of the life you desire is your greatest gift. Keep dreaming, keep taking baby steps towards it. Let the vision be your guide, not what’s logical or what other people tell you. You know a lot more than you believe.

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