There’s No Doing, Only Being

There’s a quote by Wayne Dyer that’s been swirling around me: “if you want something you never had, you have to do something you never did.”

I used to take that “do something” part literally.

Hence, my forty fearless acts at forty challenge. Moving to new places, quitting jobs, etc. I got that doing part down.

And for most of us, that doing part is conditioned in us. We want more money, we have to work harder. We want a relationship, we have to put ourselves out there more (whatever that means 🙄) There’s an unspoken pressure to constantly be in that negotiation of “what do I have to do in order to receive xyz?”

And now, I’ve discovered the “doing something different” actually means…. doing the opposite of what has been conditioned in me.

Instead of the mentality… I have to post more/do more in order to get more clients…

I meditate in the mornings, journal, take long walks, post on social when I feel inspired, create content when I am moved to. Whenever I feel I “should” do something, I back off and pause. I sit with my emotions and ask, is this really coming from my Higher Self? And it never is.

I simply allow more and do less.

It’s a personal thing. Knowing yourself intimately so that you know what the “doing” part actually means to you.

I would change that quote a bit and say, in order to have something you never had, you have to BE someone you’ve never been.

Because there’s only one thing we came here to do: BE our full authentic self.

It’s ever-changing and evolving.

💫What’s something you can “do” differently that would honor the person you’re becoming?

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