One Week In Paris And Who Dis??

The week before I left LA I kept looking around my apartment and thinking, how am I going to sell/pack/give all of this away? The whole process felt never-ending. I was overly tired and mentally exhausted.

By the time I made it to the airport, it still didn’t feel real. Saying goodbye to loved ones wasn’t as heartbreaking as years past.

This time felt different.

Perhaps it’s because I had already done the big move to New York. Or perhaps it’s because we all secretly knew that LA was always a pit stop, a transitional place for me. It’s like I was supposed to spend the Pandemic at home with my family. And then, when the world allowed, I would charter my next path.

Being in Paris feels familiar, like an old friend that you’re always excited to see. I fell right back into a rhythm here and I love it.

There’s so much ahead of me that I don’t know but this is part of the journey that I love: the unknown. It’s what makes life so magical. If we all knew what’s ahead, there would be no reason to take risks or feel empowered by our choices. It’s why we have free will. And yet, so many of us don’t exercise it.

I had a choice to eat a pain au chocolate for breakfast and I chose to save it for later. That’s the difference between visiting Paris and living here. I have plenty of time to eat many pain au chocolates 🤣

I feel invigorated and excited to get back to work this week!

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