It Often Feels Our Lives Get Worse When We Begin To Work On Ourselves…

I remember reading this line while walking the streets of Manhattan and I felt my entire body release tension. Because I finally read what I was experiencing was normal.

This was thirteen years ago at the beginning of my spiritual journey. And I still experience this. The only difference is I understand now this is all part of the path of awakening.

Although it may feel like your life gets worse before it gets better, what’s really happening is you are becoming free.

Free from a life built on other peoples expectations of you. Free of the conditioning that limits your potential. Free of staying small-minded, of feeling trapped or boxed into a version of you that no longer fits. Free of that false longing of believing that “someone” or “someday” will finally come and you’ll be happy.

And you don’t stop learning, growing and being called to the next (scary) thing. But it gets easier because you know on the other side of this next (scary) thing… is your greatest expansion.

To become free to be who you really are takes immense courage. But it’s undeniably worth it.

You came equip for this. Just keep going

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