The Pain of Staying Where You Are

We definitely get addicted to the pain of staying comfortable versus the (temporary) pain of change.

It’s not easy to transform your life and let go of all that’s familiar in order to live according to your own values.

You’ll get kicked around a bit. You’ll feel like nothings working because your measurement of what is “working” is distorted. It’s based on old conditioning. Which is based on outside validation.

But somewhere in the big crash and burn of your old life … emerges a new you. A you that starts to feel lighter. That likes the reflection in the mirror. A you who feels alive and awake to life in ways that was never felt before. Who is eager for each morning, who appreciates true connection and who isn’t afraid of the silence or the emptiness because it’s in those spaces where the rebirth occurs.

It’s the you who’s been there all along… aching to be let out. The ache only gets worse the more we try to ignore it.

For me, it didn’t feel like a choice. It felt like a calling. And I’ve been answering that call everyday since.

As the quote goes… your new life will cost you your old one. (I forget who says this but it’s 

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