Let’s talk about the big F word…. Failure.⁠

We have become so fearful of “failure” that we often don’t start until we think we have all our ducks in a row. ⁠

And that can mean we end up doing nothing. Staying still. In the job, the relationship, the home… whatever. ⁠

My definition is simple: Failure is having an inspired idea, a desire…. and doing NOTHING with it.⁠

That’s it. ⁠

It wouldn’t have come through you, if it wasn’t meant for you. ⁠

I think we need to loosen the grip on attaching to a specific outcome and simply just get it out! ⁠

The creation process is the most fun. Allow the form to change and shift and bend and grow. You are growing with it. Seeing it from new perspectives, new angles. ⁠

There isn’t a wrong way to do something, only your way.⁠

You can’t possibly know what’s in store for you if you’re too scared to begin. ⁠

Take the next indicated step forward. The rest will unfold as it should.⁠

✨How do you feel about this definition of Failure? What small step can you take TODAY to move towards your desire?✨⁠

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