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Forty Fearless Acts & More

The assumption is we hit a certain age, certain career stride, certain milestone and we think we’re done. We’ve got it all figured out. And then life pulls the rug out from under you and says… now what? And you’re on the ground fighting for the rug back. I’ve learned to stop fighting it. To […]

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If You’re Outgrowing Who You’ve Been…


I read that before, but I didn’t quite understand how it applied to my life…until turned forty. When I turned forty I spent one full year tackling fearless acts around aging, going after my dreams and finding true love in New York City. And every time I would show up to do something fearless, like […]

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Don’t Give Up Before The Miracle.


We live in a results-driven culture. Show me how you made a million dollars, bought the house, traveled the world, lost the weight, found the partner. People are always trying to prove to you or show evidence of their success, their growth. But true spiritual growth cannot be measured by external factors. True spiritual growth […]

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What is Spiritual Growth?


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Five Things You Can Do Today To Build Inner Peace

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Five Things You Can Do Today To Build A More peaceful Mindset

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